Saturday, December 18, 2010

T-shirt weather

T-shirt and short pants weather!
In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico today, high temperature is 77°F with sunshine all day!  Here in Concord, California, the high will be 57°F, it's cloudy, rainy and a bit windy.  Definitely not T-shirt and short pants here in Concord!

We are not too far from Yosemite National Park.  Should we go there for a short stay?  In Yosemite Park today the high is 41°F, the low is 25°F, it's cloudy with 100% chance of rain!   I did not even bring a jacket with me.  All my warm weather clothing is being cared for me by MsTioga in Mexico!

Saturday is gardener day
Today the gardener comes to Dave's home.  We have decided to have a gardener maintain the lawn and front and back yards.  We feel that Dave would not want his his property to become an eyesore for his neighbors. We also have a pool service company maintaining the swimming pool, and that is done weekly too.

Perhaps we may be reimbursed for these expenses by the probate court sometime down the road?

My calendar
My iPod Touch calendar does not have even one item for the upcoming week.  The first item is the flight to Mexico on the 28th.   You may remember my hectic pace during October when I was working from sunrise to midnite taking care of my son Dave's affairs.  That was a wild time for me!

I welcome these slower days.  Makes me think of my times on the beach at Matanchen, watching the waves rolling in.

11AM - The latest from Weng!
Oh!  By the way!  Weng and her family headed out from Portland, Oregon at 6am on Wednesday morning! They had hoped to be in the Pueblo of Aticama in Nayarit, Mexico tomorrow, Sunday!

However, the fates have presented the family with tremendous challenges.  Only a few miles outside of the City of Portand, their RV [whose name is Fish], began acting up.  They spent the nite there, with husband Francisco doing mechanical stuff most of the nite.

I had not heard from Weng since Thursday morning, and assumed that Fish had crossed the International Border and was now in Mexico.  But just a few minutes ago, Weng phoned up to tell me that Fish and the family are right now parked along Interstate #5, 14 miles north of Grants Pass, Oregon!  Man-O-Man!

Seems that Fish's gas tank may be filled with rust and that rust flaking off is messing up the fuel filter and maybe the fuel pump!

Weng is in good spirits.  She told me that these mechanical problems are NOT going to get her down!  Weng has plenty food for her family to eat, and they are not in a hurry.

2PM - Mechanics don't work on weekends!
The family is now close to Medford, Oregon.  The gas tank will have to be removed, boiled out and relined.  Mechanics do not work on the weekends in Medford.

I found one mechanic,  "Terry's Mobile Service" in Medford, who can do the job of removing the gas tank.  But Terry's cannot do that tank removal until Monday morning.  Then, the tank must be sent out to the company who actually does the boiling out and relining.   That boiling out, etc, work will not be complete until around next Wednesday.  Looks like Weng and the family may be in Medford, Oregon until next Thursday.

Francisco, Weng's husband, is now phoning around to see if a mechanic may be found that will work today.

5PM - Fish is rolling again!
Fish the RV is rolling again!  Francisco, who never gives up, figured out someway to take the fuel from the bottom of the gas tank.  He figured out that whatever was clogging up the fuel filters, was floating on top of the gasoline.

I just received a phone call.  Fish has crossed the border and is now in California.

Please everybody!  Say a prayer for Fish, Weng, Francisco and the kids.  Pray that they make it to Aticama, Mexico to celebrate Francisco's birthday on December 21st!