Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tilting solar panels

Tilting solar panels
Are you wanting to be a vagabonding RVer as is MsTioga and The Team?  Wandering and exploring.  Free as birds.  Especially, free of the RV campground?  Hmmmmm?

You might want to consider installing a big solar electric system!  We installed our solar electric system during the spring time of 2003.  We have six Shell Solar 75 watt solar panels.  And these panels tilt.  During the winter time when the Sun is low in the sky, our electric power generation is maximized with panels that tilt toward the Sun [link].

We did not always have tilting solar panels.  However, our good RVing friend John Porter from California had tilting solar panels and encouraged us to try tilting.  When we did tilt, the power increase was more than 10 amps!  In early 2007 during MsTioga's now famous "Fiberglass and Paint Job" [link], we installed our present tilting system.
Mr. Sunny's tilting solar panels!

12 Noon - Beach Road camp
We moved to a Day Camp along the Beach Road to La Playa Matanchen. As you may see in the pic below, Mr. Sunny's solar panels are facing in a southerly direction and are perpendicular to the Sun's path across the sky. We are only an easy 23 amp hours from a full charge!

Earlier, we washed MsTioga a little bit and then drove to the Pemex gas station and asked permission to fill our fresh water tank. This permission is nearly always given. When we passed Playa Amor RV Park on the way to Pemex, we noticed that 'Fish the RV' had left. This may mean that Francisco drove Fish up to Hill Top Home!
Panels perpendicular to Sun's path

1PM - Hilltop home
Little Mavicita and I walked up to Weng and Francisco's hilltop home. Have you come with me to hilltop home before? What a treat it is to be there. Sooooo much going on. Weng was preparing a big bowl of tuna salad for her family and guests when we arrived. We ate the tuna salad piled on to a new brand of delicious tostadas. Yummmmm!

Francisco was getting his water system to pump up to the tanks above his home.  The tanks would not fill.  Somewhere there was a leak!  It turned out, that the washing machine was on.  When turned off, the water flowed great!

Have you noticed that most kids hate to have their pics taken?  Weng's two sons, 14 year old Francis and 10 year old Tommy are no different.  But they listened to their Mom and I took the pics below.
Francis, Weng, Tommy

View looking south from Weng & Francisco's deck