Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tioga and George together

7PM - Tioga and George together again!
MsTioga and George are finally together again!  Wow!  Except for that short time a few weelks back when we drove from León to Puerto Vallarta airport, MsTioga and George have been apart for three months!

As you may recall, MsTioga stayed in the La Peñita RV Park in the Pueblo of La Peñita while we were in California tending to son Dave's affairs.  But now we are together again!  MsTioga's engine starting battery cable was disconnected when we left in order to keep from discharging.  After cable re-connection, MsTioga's mighty engine started right up!  We paid La Peñita RV Park $100US for one month's storage, and then headed toward the Pueblo of Las Varas where there is a Global Gas propane station.  We got to Global Gas just in time because the station was closing.  Lucky us because the propane tank was almost empty!

There are pics inside MsTioga. Pics of my sons.  I used to think of those pics differently than I find myself doing now.  I used to think of those pics as happy memories.  Now, my thoughts are a bit dark.  A bit sad.

I am not the same person that I was before I learned that Dave killed himself.  My innocence of my future is forever changed.  I now know that in the blink of an eye, things can change.  And if that change catches  me unprepared, a storm that cannot be weathered could do me in.   So, how should I prepare for events such as suicide?

Practice is the answer!  I must practice believing that I can overcome any challenge.  I must practice seeing the beauty in each day, no matter what that day brings.  I must practice knowing that every second of my life is precious, and not to let dark thoughts ruin that precious second.

And above all, I must practice taking every opportunity to be sensitive to those I love.  To reach out to them,. asking how they are, how they feel. To never let time slip by when I fail to let them know that I love them.