Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wrong Daves Place

Wrong Dave's Place
Yesterday evening I put up on my computer screen the pic of Dave's Place, the one that Little Mavicita captured on October 15th [link]. Then I put the pic of Dave's Place captured a few days ago [link].  When I compared these two pics, I was very surprised to find that they were different.  The two pics were similar, but definitely NOT the same place!  Wow!

Little Mavicita took a bunch of pics at what we believed to be Dave's Place on December 23rd.  One of those pics was of the tree that Dave sat leaning against on that fateful day.  When comparing the December 23rd tree pic with the tree pic taken on October 15th, it was clear that the two trees were not the same!

I had gone to make a GPS monument of Dave's place and had gone to the wrong Dave's Place.  Wow!  I bet that Dave is laughing his butt off at me.  The re-creation of the GPS monument to Dave's place is going to have to wait until I return once again to Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  Perhaps next spring time when MsTioga and I are together again in California.

Phone call from Weng!
Late yesterday afternoon, a cell call came in from Weng. Apparently Weng and Francisco have cell phone service inside Mexico!

Weng was sooooooo excited to let me know that the family had crossed the International Border and is now close to the City of Navajoa in the State of Sinaloa, Mexico! Man-O-Man! Weng told me that the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the weather is warm! Wow! I am soooooo happy for Weng, her family and the RV named Fish!

Here is a Google Map showing the location of the City of Navajoa, Mexico.

12 Noon - Weng passing Mazatlan!
I've just received another cell call from Weng.  Fish the RV is doing fine, and is right now passing thru Mazatlan!  Weng believes that the family will reach the wonderful Pueblo of Aticama and their home this evening!

Isn't this the greatest news?