Monday, January 31, 2011


After my son Dave died, I yearned to hear his voice.  I searched everywhere for videos with Dave talking and could only find one.  It was a 1989 CD video tape of Dave and I on a river trip on the Rogue River in southwest Oregon.

In this CD video, Dave only speaks during the very first part.  The video was made with Dave's own camera.  And he took several shots where he could of narrated.  But he said nothing during these shots.  Not one word!

There is another CD video where Dave might be seen speaking.  This is a CD video for which the tape has come off the reel and needs to be repaired.  This video was shot in 1989 also.

To me the voice connects to the person much more deeply than an image of that person.  But the time to think about capturing a person's voice for memories, is when that person lives.  After they have gone, it is too late for anything but wishing.

12 Noon - Angel's spot
MsTioga and The Team moved their Beach Camp a bit south to what is known as Angel's Spot. This is the place where Angel Charbonneau and her Boston terriers used to go on many days. Angel and her friend Del lived here under their palapa in the El Chaco RV Campground.

Angel and Del returned to British Columbia and now own and operate the Dusty Rose Pub in the Town of "50 Mile House" in BC.

Angel, this pic is for you!
Do you see Jorge standing in Angel's spot?
Behind the fishing launch

6PM - The circus is gone!
Garcia Circus pulled out today. So, MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp at our old Little River Camp. We liked camping at El Coscorron Campground while the circus was in town. But El Coscorron costs $50 pesos per nite and the Little River Camp is free!

Right now inside MsTioga to use Mr. Datastorm's WiFi, are Weng and her son Francis. We love to have guests!

Very light clouds

Sunday, January 30, 2011


6:30AM - Plumbing leak!
For quite a long while there has been a very tiny leak coming from MsTioga's kitchen faucet.  A couple of days ago when my neighbor Fred came over to visit, I mentioned that leak to him.  Fred offered that he used an excellent plumber, and would call him for me.

That same day, Armando the Plumber showed up.  After Armando disassembled the faucet, he found that some O-rings in the valves needed replacement.  Armando drove to an auto parts store in nearby San Blas and picked up the O-rings.

After the O-rings were installed, it was found that there still was another O-ring needing replacement.  This O-ring is in the faucet's spout.  Armando could not fix this problem that late in the afternoon, and promised to return in a few days.  This was OK with me, since this was a very tiny leak that only occurred when the faucet was being used.

Another leak shows up!
After Armando went away, I heard the ominous sound of the water pump coming on for a fraction of a second.  As you RVers may know, when the pump comes on like that this means that a faucet has not been completely turn off.  Or, there is a plumbing leak.

Looking underneath the kitchen sink with a flashlight, I could see a very tiny leak coming from the hot water line connection.  My decision was to wait until Armando returned, and let him take care of that leak.  And that is what I should have done!

But this morning I re-thought that decision!  "I should be able to fix that leak myself!"  But I was wrong!!  Now the incoming line has a big leak.  I think that when I took the incoming lines off and then reassembled them, I did not seat the connection properly, and that is why the connections are now leaking as they are.

I do not have enough strength in my hands anymore, to do this kind of work in the awkward position required by the plumbing job.  So, now I have a big leak and my plumbing system has to be turned off all the time.

Leaking plumbing

8AM - Armando the plumber
I drove to Fred's place, just off the beach of Matanchen. When I told Fred about my plumbing problem, Fred phoned Armando the plumber. Armando agreed to come attend to our plumbing leak during the late afternoon today.

6PM - Plumbing fixed!
Just after sunset, Armando the Plumber drove up. We were sooooooo happy to see him. It only took Armando a few minutes to remove the plumbing fittings, examine them and then put them back on correctly.

The incoming water lines are not leaking now. One fitting has a tiny bit of seapage. But this is not a leak. Armando has promised to return soon to replace the O-rink in the kitchen sink's spout. Also to fix the bathroom faucet which needs new seals too.

Clear blue sky

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nightly dew

Nightly dew
Because of the nightly dew, every morning there is a ton of water on MsTioga's roof.  This water drips down MsTioga's exterior walls carrying with it accumulated roof dirt.  The drip tracks on the walls look ugly.  It does not matter how often we wash MsTioga, those drip marks appear again the very next morning!

We cannot give up washing MsTioga, because we want her to look clean and shiny bright.  Early this morning we were outside washing MsTioga's front and right side.  We admit to you, however, that sometimes washing seems to be a fruitless task!

11AM - Breakfast with Flyboy Chip
When MsTioga pulled into the road to La Playa de Matanchen, we saw Flyboy Chip eating alone in Paraiso Escondido Restaurante. I decided to go in there and keep Chip company. And I got an order of tacos pescados [fish tacos]. For me, one order of tacos pescados makes three meals!

I have yet to fly with Chip in his new airplane.  But we have plans.

4:30PM - The only WiFi in town!
Mr. Datastorm is the only WiFi connection available in this town. So, we have lots of guests doing their internet stuff here!
Francis - Weng and Francisco's oldest son

Clear sky

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunset dawn

Sunset and dawn
We on the TiogaRV Team know well how fortunate we are to be living in our winter paradise on the Pacific  Coast of Mexico.  Where every day is T-shirt and short pants weather.

Yesterday evening at sunset, and this morning just after sunrise, Little Mavicita captured how it is here for us.
Yesterday at sunset
La Playa de Matanchen

View from MsTioga's window
Just after sunrise at mouth of Little River

10AM - My friend Weng
Guess who came over to MsTioga's? Did you guess my friend Weng? Hmmmmm?

To me, Weng is not only my friend.  She is a daughter too! Like the daughter that I always wanted. Sweet, loving and kind. Talks a blue streak. Just my kind of daughter.
My friend Weng

6PM - Two fishermen and the orange sky
This is the actual color of the sky just at sunset this evening!
Fishermen working at sunset
El Coscorron Camp

Clear blue sky

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aticama slow

10:30AM - Aticama slows me down!
It is after 10;30am, and I am just coming online to make a blog post!  Wow!  Living in Aticama really has slowed me down.

MsTioga likes El Coscorron
There are some things about El Coscorron Campground that we really love!  This place is mostly covered by grass.  This means that beach sand stays out of MsTioga keeping things much cleaner.

The mouth of the Little River is here and for some reason, birds flock here.  All kinds of birds.  These birds are fascinating to watch.  Also, the land around here is beautiful and varied.

However, we might miss our friends at La Playa de Matanchen if we stayed here during the day.  Even so, we have been thinking about staying here anyway!
Grass covered El Coscorron

PS: We Nite Camped in El Coscorron yesterday because of the circus in town. See yesterday's blog post.

Jorge getting fancy!
Last week during our shopping trip to the City of Tepic, I found a tiny clothing store that sold only things made in Mexico.  A line of shirts caught my attention because of the material which was a bit course and had a nice color and subtle decorations.  I bought one!
My new shirt

Light clouds

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Circus in Aticama!
Yesterday evening when returning to  our Little River Camp, we found that the Garcia Circus had moved into the field next to us.  At first we thought that there would be no room for MsTioga, but we had no problem staying the nite in our usual place.

This morning, Little Mavicita and his pal, TriPod went out to take a pic of the circus.  In the pic below you may see Jorge looking at the circus being setup.  MsTioga is in the distance behind Jorge.

While walking back to MsTioga, we came upon a big horned bull eating grass in the field!  Are these horns for real?
Are these bull's horns for real?

Garcia Circus next to our Little River Camp

6PM - El Coscorron Campground
When we returned to our Little River Nite Camp, we found that the Garcia Circus was playing loud circus music. Much too loud for our formerly peaceful camp! So, we moved our Nite Camp across the highway to El Coscorron Campground.

We paid 50 pesos for the nite [$4.15US]. Well worth the price for this tranquil place. We are right next to the mouth of the Little River.  This was our very first camping site when we arrived in Aticama in November, 2008.

Here is a [link] to our first day in Aticama back in 2008.  Little did we suspect on that first day that Aticama was to become our winter home in Mexico for the following three years!

Tioga and George at El Coscorron

Light Clouds

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two camps better

Two camps better!
There is something that we on the TiogaRV Team truly believe.  That is, "One camp good, two camps better".  You may have noticed that The Team camps in two places.  During the day we usually camp out on the beach of Matanchen Bay.   However as nite begins to fall, we move to the other side of the Pueblo of Aticama and make our Nite Camp next to the Little River.

There are several reason why we like this kind of "Two Camp" camping.  Firstly, we love the variety of living in two different places.  Secondly, MsTioga likes the drive!  She likes warming up and traveling between these two camps.  And finally, Nite Camping next to the Little River takes us off the beach and away from high tides.

7:30AM - Fishermen
As MsTioga entered the road to Matanchen Beach, we came upon Flyboy Chip.  Chip and his beloved doggie, Peaches, were walking to where a large group of fishermen were unloading a big fishing net.

After MsTioga was camped on the beach, we walked with Chip to look at the fishermen.  The fish had spilled out of the net and the fishermen were gathering up their catch.  I, being the wimp that I am, felt sorry for the fish.  I am the only person on the beach who feels this way!
Flyboy Chip watching the fishermen

6PM - Pizza tonite!
I spent the early afternoon over at Vincent and Louise's camp in the El Chaco RV campground.  Vincent, Louise and their friends Bret and Sharon are pulling out this coming Friday morning and heading south.  So, I thought it might be a good idea if the five of us go took the opportunity to go together to Mario's Pizzeria located in the center of Aticama.

Mario's Pizzeria is owned by an American named Thomas.  And the pizza that Thomas sells is very good quality.  Thomas researched the making of pizza dough and sauce.  He has done an excellent job and his pizza has a great reputation.

At 6pm, Vincent, Louise, Bret and Sharon are coming over to MsTioga's.   We are all driving together inside MsTioga to Mario's Pizzeria.  What a good time!   
Louise, Brett, Sharon & Vincent
Inside MsTioga