Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aticama slow

10:30AM - Aticama slows me down!
It is after 10;30am, and I am just coming online to make a blog post!  Wow!  Living in Aticama really has slowed me down.

MsTioga likes El Coscorron
There are some things about El Coscorron Campground that we really love!  This place is mostly covered by grass.  This means that beach sand stays out of MsTioga keeping things much cleaner.

The mouth of the Little River is here and for some reason, birds flock here.  All kinds of birds.  These birds are fascinating to watch.  Also, the land around here is beautiful and varied.

However, we might miss our friends at La Playa de Matanchen if we stayed here during the day.  Even so, we have been thinking about staying here anyway!
Grass covered El Coscorron

PS: We Nite Camped in El Coscorron yesterday because of the circus in town. See yesterday's blog post.

Jorge getting fancy!
Last week during our shopping trip to the City of Tepic, I found a tiny clothing store that sold only things made in Mexico.  A line of shirts caught my attention because of the material which was a bit course and had a nice color and subtle decorations.  I bought one!
My new shirt

Light clouds