Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brakes again

9AM - Brakes again!
You may recall yesterday MsTioga had a date with Cali the mechanic for a drum brake inspection.  For some unknown reason, Cali has been out-of-touch.  So, we made an appointment with Ramon the Mechanic to do this work.  Ramon is the mechanic of choice for Francisco [Weng's husband]

When calamity strikes
You may be following recent ShoutBox posts from Readers who are battling cancer.  Reader Devin posted "... My friends don't know what to say and are uncomfortable, so they don't say anything and stop talking to [me]..."

Here is some advice from MsTioga, who has much experience about what to do when calamity strikes:

"When a calamity strikes somebody you know, all you have to do is be there for them.  You are not expected to know answers.  Often, there are no answers.  If you want to be a friend to someone who has a terrible disease, or who suffered a terrible loss, just listen.  Be patient and kind and thoughtful.  That is all you can to do".

10AM - Drum brakes overhaul
It is time for MsTioga to have an overhaul of her drum brakes. This means that the drums will be sent out for turning at a lathe shop in a nearby town. Also, the brake cylinders will be replaced with new cylinders.   And of course, new brake shoes.  All of the brake hoses and lines will be checked and replaced as necessary.

In the pic below, we introduce you to Ramon the Mechanic.  Ramon lives here in Aticama.  His shop is in his backyard and as you may also see in the pic below, Ramon's shop may also be in the street!  MsTioga will be camping here in this street tonite, because the brake overhaul will not be complete until tomorrow.
Ramon the mechanic
Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico

MsTioga's Camp in back of Ramon's home

Weng and Francisco's home
Many Readers have been asking Little Mavicita to take some pics of Weng and Francisco's hilltop home. And this afternoon, Little Mavicita took some really nice pics.

The first pic below is taken from the house, looking out at the deck. The second pic below is from the deck, looking back at the house. Both of these pics are panos. The bottom pic of the house is stitched together from 19 separate pics. Incredible!
View of deck from house
The center of Aticama in the distance

View of house from the deck