Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bright future

Location: Little River Camp, Aticama, Nayarít, Mexico

2011 - A bright future!
We on the TiogaRV Team awoke this morning and went outside to greet our bright future in the 2011 New Year.  MsTioga and I have made it thru a very tough year.  And we came out of that tough year stronger and more confident that ever before!

MsTioga and I are living in Mexico, in the small Pueblo of Aticama on the Pacific Coast. It is a gorgeous day. The weather is wonderful because Aticama is only 21.4° off the Earth's equator. This is the dry season.  Little if any rain falls between November and May.

Our plans are mighty and brave!  The TiogaRV Team shall remain here on the Pacific Coast of Mexico until the month of April.  Then journey north, re-entering the USA bound to explore the eastern states of our fine country.  This journey will be a great challenge for us!  How will we stay in T-shirt and short pants weather for the two years that this journey may take?  We do not know the answer to that question?  But no matter!  We look to our creed to guide us.

On MsTioga's bathroom door is a yellowed paper which states our belief in the future.  It was written at a time of great challenge for MsTioga and myself.  It was written to remind us forever that we are brave souls, who live without fear, confident in our future!

Our Creed
We do not run away from our dreams
Because of fear of what might happen
We have faith that, no matter what 
Fate brings us, we shall overcome!

George & MsTioga
01 July 2003
George & MsTioga in Aticama, Mexico
01 January 2011

7PM - Supper at Little River Camp
MsTioga and The Team spent most of our day at our Nite Camp along the Bay of Matanchen.  From this Camp we are able to look up at Weng and Francisco's hilltop home.

During the day we had several guests.  Weng came for a short visit inside MsTioga.  Weng and her entire family were on their way to the Tiangis [weekly market] in the City of San Blas, ten miles north of here.  Adrian, a friend of Francisco's dropped by too.  Adrian is retired and exploring Mexico using his van for a home.

A few feet away from MsTioga's Camp, our neighbors hired two musicians who played guitar and sang at their New Year's Day party.  The music was really good.  Little Mavicita and I thought about making a video of the party and the music.  But somehow the day drifted on without that video.

Just before the Sun set, we moved our Camp back to the Little River.  Supper was the left over pollo asado [BBQ chicken], white rice and a small salad.   After making this post to you, I am going to finish my downloaded Kindle book, "The Big Short" [link], the inside story of the recent sub-prime mortgage scandal.  What a great book!