Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cabinets drawers

7AM - Cleaning cabinets and drawers
We on the TiogaRV Team like to take everything out of our cabinets and drawers at least once each year.  Stuff gets all mixed up.  Also, stuff gets lost.  Taking everything out gives a chance to put stuff away in its best place.  And, there is always stuff that we do not need anymore and may be donated or discarded.  We clean our empty cabinets and drawers before putting stuff back.

We do the same thing for MsTioga's outside cabinets and drawers.
Jorge doing our cab-over cabinets

2PM - Clean cabinets report
By mid-afternoon, about 3/4 of the cab-over cabinet had been cleaned and sorted out.  We have not been working solid on this cleaning project.  We visited with Francisco up at hilltop home, watching him overhaul the carburetor of Weng's tiny motorcycle.  Other things done: reading my book, snacking and napping while camped on Matanchen Beach.

As you may know, if you live in an RV,  there is not enough storage to postpone decision making about accumulated stuff.  We cannot, for example, dump stuff into the garage!
Stuff from lower right shelf
stacked on table for sorting