Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Circus in Aticama!
Yesterday evening when returning to  our Little River Camp, we found that the Garcia Circus had moved into the field next to us.  At first we thought that there would be no room for MsTioga, but we had no problem staying the nite in our usual place.

This morning, Little Mavicita and his pal, TriPod went out to take a pic of the circus.  In the pic below you may see Jorge looking at the circus being setup.  MsTioga is in the distance behind Jorge.

While walking back to MsTioga, we came upon a big horned bull eating grass in the field!  Are these horns for real?
Are these bull's horns for real?

Garcia Circus next to our Little River Camp

6PM - El Coscorron Campground
When we returned to our Little River Nite Camp, we found that the Garcia Circus was playing loud circus music. Much too loud for our formerly peaceful camp! So, we moved our Nite Camp across the highway to El Coscorron Campground.

We paid 50 pesos for the nite [$4.15US]. Well worth the price for this tranquil place. We are right next to the mouth of the Little River.  This was our very first camping site when we arrived in Aticama in November, 2008.

Here is a [link] to our first day in Aticama back in 2008.  Little did we suspect on that first day that Aticama was to become our winter home in Mexico for the following three years!

Tioga and George at El Coscorron

Light Clouds