Sunday, January 16, 2011


Don't live in Concord anymore!
Recently I had a falling out with the fellow who has been doing my tax preparation.  So, I need to find another tax preparation service.  I've lived in Concord, California since 1998.  It seemed obvious to look for a new tax service in Concord.

I actually found a tax preparation service that looked attractive by Googling.  This tax service had its own website.  I was just about to send them an email introducing myself when it dawned on me that, "I don't live in Concord anymore!".

Since 2003, I had been using my son Dave's home as my address.  I am registered to vote there.  My driver's license is addressed there too.  As you may know, my new address is with Americas Mailbox in South Dakota.  So before this morning, I did comprehend that I did not live in Concord anymore.

But apparently I have not accepted this as fact.  Because I looked in Concord for a new tax service.  And also, when I think about returning to California, I still think about myself living in Concord.  Very strange!

10AM - MsTioga's plush chairs
One of MsTioga's best things are her plush upholstered chairs. These chairs swivel and have a lock that positions them angled toward each other.

This angled position is where those chairs have been since we have been RVing. However, one of the things that I've acquired from my son Dave, is his American Tourister rolling luggage bag.  And that bag needed a storage place inside MsTioga.

In the pic below you may see that the bag is tucked in between the two chairs. In order to fit the bag between the chairs, we had to position the chairs pointing straight forward.  Funny thing is, that having the chairs positioned like this is MUCH more ideal than before.  I am able to put my feet up on the bench seat.  Also, this straight position will be much better for our visitors.  Especially for a visitor sitting in the right seat because that seat now points where other visitors sit.
New position for MsTioga's chairs