Friday, January 07, 2011

Flyboy Chip

Flyboy Chip has returned!
Around dusk yesterday, we saw an ultralight aircraft flying over Aticama.  Later on, Francisco and Weng drove their moped by our Little River Camp.  They had news!  Flyboy Chip has returned! That's who we saw flying over Aticama!  This morning after we take our laundry over to the Casa Mañana Hotel for washing, we are heading out to Playa Matanchen to say "Hi" to Flyboy Chip!

In the pic below, Little Mavicita captures Weng and Francisco waving while crossing Aticama's new bridge on their moped.
Weng and Francisco wave at Little Mavicita
New Aticama bridge

11AM - Chip and his airplane!
Just as we turned off the highway at Paraiso Escondido Restaurante, we saw the big wing of Chip's ultralight airplane.  And it is a brand new gorgeous airplane too!

Can you imagine being Flyboy Chip? He is here in a wonderful tropical paradise with his life's passion - his airplane. Chip is able to fly over this marvelous place, just like a bird!
Chip, airplane, Jorge
Paraiso Escondido, Playa Matanchen

6AM - Folding laundry
It seems that I do my best thinking while doing other stuff.  Like soaking in a hot tub.  Or as today, folding and putting away my laundry.

It came to me during laundry, that I've got a damn good & wonderful life.  MsTioga is a perfect home.  She has everything that I could ever want.  Or, MsTioga can carry me to where whatever I wish for is found.  Take tonite for example.  There are soooooo many choices for supper!  There are bass fish fillets.  Pork chops.  Chicken tamales that I bought from some young ladies in the neighborhood.

You may know that last September I lost my oldest son.  His name is Dave.  However, by my loss, I lived in Dave's home for three months.  During that time I had to delve into Dave's things, and I got to know Dave like I could never have known him while he lived.  And in that learning about Dave, I learned a lot about myself too.

I am now pretty sure that I am on the right path for my life.  But that I have soooooo much further to go to achieve my destiny.
Jorge writing to you