Friday, January 21, 2011

Google riding coat tail

8AM - Riding Google's coat tail!
During the past several years I've tried most of the methods to earn money from my website.  For example, AdBrite, Chitika, Project Wonderful, Kontera, InfoLinks.  Only Google's AdSense has worked for me.  And worked like gangbusters too!

This morning I read in online news that Google reported record profits.  Yes!  I am delighted to be riding on Google's coat tail. [link].

9:30AM - Tide is close!
This morning at breakfast, Little Mavicita noticed that the tide was bringing the ocean soooooo close to MsTioga!  Take a peek at the pic below taken from MsTioga's table looking out the windshield!
Wow! That ocean is getting mighty close!

4PM - Busy bees this afternoon!
When we went shopping in the City of Tepic earlier this week, we bought some wood to replace the four legs that tilt Mr. Sunny's solar panels.  These legs are now painted and ready to install.

After attaching the new legs to the solar panels, we re-mounted the latch that secures our large exterior slide-out drawer.  The old latch location was getting loose and often the latch opened when we went too fast over a tope [speed bump].
Freshly painted legs for solar panels,
ready for installation