Monday, January 10, 2011

Great day

10 AM - A great day!
One of the results of Lance Armstrong getting cancer back in the 1990s, was that he figured out that he would not have any more bad days. Only good days and great days. It took cancer to give Lance Armstrong perspective on his life.

It has been the same for me.  After cancer, I have had only good days and great days.  Today is a great day.

Last nite MsTioga was Nite Camped along the dirt road between Aticama and La Playa de Matanchen.  We camped there because it was late when Tommy's birthday party ended, and it seemed not necessary to move from that road over to our regular Little River Nite Camp.

When we pulled out of that Nite Camp this morning, we drove over to Cali the mechanic's place.  Cali wasn't there, so we left a message that MsTioga needs her rear brakes checked.  There is nothing wrong with the brakes, we just check them once each year to see how they are doing.

When we arrived at La Playa de Matanchen, we saw Flyboy pilots Chip and Joe eating breakfast at the Paraiso Escondido Restaurant, and joined them for our breakfast.

12 Noon - Beach Camped
Now we have made a Beach Camp along Matanchen Bay. It is a gorgeous day! Frank Sinatra is singing especially for us on our XM Radio's "Seriously Sinatra" station. Wow!

You may know that our life on the TiogaRV Team is wonderful. However, today is just too much. Way over the top!

3PM - Angel and Del
Do you remember Angel and Del, the two RVers who built a large papapa at El Chaco on Matanchen Beach? Well, Angel and Del returned to their home country of Canada. They bought the Dusty Rose Pub in British Columbia. So they are now Pubsters!

Meanwhile, their old palapa sits unoccupied and lonely. Little Mavicita and I went over to the palapa this afternoon to take a pic, which we emailed to Angel and Del.

If you live near the town of 70 Mile House in BC, please go over there and tell Angel and Dell that their friend Jorge said, "Hi!" The pub is located at 2424 North Bonaparte Road.
Angel and Del's lonely palapa

5:30PM - The beauty of dusk
Little Mavicita and I decided to walk from our Little River Camp to the edge of the bay. This walk takes us under Aticama's new bridge and into the El Coscoron Picnic area. By the time we were close to the bay, the Sun's light was almost gone.

A walk like this brings son Dave to mind. Because I wonder how Dave could give up all of this beauty? Just unimaginable to me.
The mouth of Little River after sundown