Sunday, January 23, 2011

Masthead pic

New masthead pic
As we mentioned in yesterday's post, Little Mavicita has been looking for a new masthead pic to celebrate Tioga and George's upcoming 8th year anniversary on February 25th.  Apparently a masthead pic has to have certain qualities.  This pic must have a sort of art-like quality.  Maybe it should be mysterious too!

We on the TiogaRV Team have some favorite pics.  Some of them are on our Home Page.  In fact, one of our Home Page pics is a candidate for our 8th year masthead!

Suggestions for our new masthead
Last year, one of our readers emailed a suggestion for our current masthead which features MsTioga at sunset on Matanchen Beach. We wish that we could remember the name of that reader, because this pic turned out to be a favorite! And, we completely missed this pic ourselves!

If you have a suggestion for one of our pics that might serve as our 8th year masthead, please write.

3PM - Invited for lemonade
An invitation from Vincent and Louise has been received to come over to where they are camped at El Chaco RV Campground [link]. Louise is serving pink lemonade!

Vincent and Louise came from British Columbia with long time friends Brett and Susan. The two couples will remain at El Chaco for the remainder of this week before moving to the City of Tepic where the men wish to play golf!  What a neat life, yes?

5PM - Weng, Kavena and Juanita!
When I returned to MsTioga, Weng, her daughter Kavena and best friend Juanita were out on the beach waiting for me to return. The two women had brought a jar of margaritas! They sure know how to live.

We moved into MsTioga where Weng made a blog post. Then a phone call was made using Skype to Weng's son, Thomas in Portland, Oregon. We could see Thomas because this was a video call. We also got to talk to Herman and Ruth, who are taking care of Thomas. We will be visiting with Herman and Ruth later this year during our trip to the eastern USA.

Six year old daughter Kavena made a post to the web page of her Portland, Oregon school.  These school posts are part of the deal the school has in order to keep in touch with Kavena.  Kavena's fellow students are very interested in the school that Kavena is attending here in the Pueblo of Aticama.  They also are very interested in the Spanish words that Kavena is learning.  Kavena is pretty fluent in Spanish.