Friday, January 14, 2011

Misty beach

8AM - Misty morning!
MsTioga and The Team have made an early Morning Camp on the Playa de Matanchen [Beach of Matanchen].  This morning is a bit different!  A shallow marine layer gives the beach a neat and mysterious appearance.
Jorge and MsTioga on a misty morning
La Playa de Matanchen

9AM - Cast iron skillets
According to our Quicken accounting system, we bought our first cast iron skillet in March, 2004. And our second cast iron skillet in September, 2005. Before going to cast iron, we were forever replacing teflon skillets. As you may guess, anything made of cast iron lasts a lifetime. You buy one, and that is it!

This morning we made eggs-over easy in our cast iron skillet. It has been our experience, that if eggs don't stick, nothing sticks! Didn't our eggs come out looking nice?
Over-easy eggs
Prepared in cast iron skillet

12 Noon - Are you doing better now?
Several emails and a few ShoutBox posts commented that I seem to be doing better now.  Referring to my grieving about my son Dave's suicide last September.  That is right.  I am doing better now.

It came to me a short while back, that I lived in Mexico while my son Dave was still alive.  I did not miss Dave then, even when I had not seen him for several months.  If I could stop thinking that I would never see Dave again, could I reduce my grieving?

And that is what I have done.  I try hard to control thinking about my future without Dave.  And this new way of thinking seems to sometimes work for me.
George and Dave