Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nightly dew

Nightly dew
Because of the nightly dew, every morning there is a ton of water on MsTioga's roof.  This water drips down MsTioga's exterior walls carrying with it accumulated roof dirt.  The drip tracks on the walls look ugly.  It does not matter how often we wash MsTioga, those drip marks appear again the very next morning!

We cannot give up washing MsTioga, because we want her to look clean and shiny bright.  Early this morning we were outside washing MsTioga's front and right side.  We admit to you, however, that sometimes washing seems to be a fruitless task!

11AM - Breakfast with Flyboy Chip
When MsTioga pulled into the road to La Playa de Matanchen, we saw Flyboy Chip eating alone in Paraiso Escondido Restaurante. I decided to go in there and keep Chip company. And I got an order of tacos pescados [fish tacos]. For me, one order of tacos pescados makes three meals!

I have yet to fly with Chip in his new airplane.  But we have plans.

4:30PM - The only WiFi in town!
Mr. Datastorm is the only WiFi connection available in this town. So, we have lots of guests doing their internet stuff here!
Francis - Weng and Francisco's oldest son

Clear sky