Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nothing to lose

Nothing to lose!
Did you know that I wanted to be an RVer way back in the 1990s?  It's true!  However, way back then all that I could see, were obstacles in my way.  Not enough money?  Where would I go?  Would I be lonely?

It was only after I got cancer in 2001 that those obstacles fell away.  When I had nothing to lose, all I saw then were my goals!  When I had nothing to lose, I went for it and got everything!  It blows me away to consider that very likely, if I did not get cancer, I would now be living in an apartment in Concord, California and you would not have a clue who I am.

Courage and imagination!
On February 25, 2003, the day that I bought MsTioga, I suspected that I did not have enough income to survive in this new RVing life. However, back in 2002 during one of my cancer support group meetings, while my fellow group members were talking, I made an oath to God.  "God, if you get me over this cancer thing, I swear to rush at life and never look back!"

Did I have worries after that?  Was I scared?  Damned right I was!  That's the reason that I composed "My Creed" that I wrote to you about yesterday.  To buoy up my spirits, which often drooped and lagged!

The first time that I crossed the International Border was in 2003.  I went into Baja California, Mexico.  You are probably guessing that I was plenty concerned.  You are right!  I had read all that stuff about the dangers in Mexico.  The criminals and all.   But I re-assured myself with the thought that, if I turned back from Mexico because of being scared, those imaginary bandits would get me every single day of my life!  Even though I had not ever met even one of those bandits!

I never did meet a bandit either!  Maybe all we need in order to do whatever we want to do, is have a little bit of Courage and a ton of Imagination!
A few feet downstream from our Little River Camp

NOTE ABOUT WENG: Weng has made several blog posts recently. Two times Weng has come to MsTioga in order to use Mr. Datastorm's internet connection.

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