Sunday, January 30, 2011


6:30AM - Plumbing leak!
For quite a long while there has been a very tiny leak coming from MsTioga's kitchen faucet.  A couple of days ago when my neighbor Fred came over to visit, I mentioned that leak to him.  Fred offered that he used an excellent plumber, and would call him for me.

That same day, Armando the Plumber showed up.  After Armando disassembled the faucet, he found that some O-rings in the valves needed replacement.  Armando drove to an auto parts store in nearby San Blas and picked up the O-rings.

After the O-rings were installed, it was found that there still was another O-ring needing replacement.  This O-ring is in the faucet's spout.  Armando could not fix this problem that late in the afternoon, and promised to return in a few days.  This was OK with me, since this was a very tiny leak that only occurred when the faucet was being used.

Another leak shows up!
After Armando went away, I heard the ominous sound of the water pump coming on for a fraction of a second.  As you RVers may know, when the pump comes on like that this means that a faucet has not been completely turn off.  Or, there is a plumbing leak.

Looking underneath the kitchen sink with a flashlight, I could see a very tiny leak coming from the hot water line connection.  My decision was to wait until Armando returned, and let him take care of that leak.  And that is what I should have done!

But this morning I re-thought that decision!  "I should be able to fix that leak myself!"  But I was wrong!!  Now the incoming line has a big leak.  I think that when I took the incoming lines off and then reassembled them, I did not seat the connection properly, and that is why the connections are now leaking as they are.

I do not have enough strength in my hands anymore, to do this kind of work in the awkward position required by the plumbing job.  So, now I have a big leak and my plumbing system has to be turned off all the time.

Leaking plumbing

8AM - Armando the plumber
I drove to Fred's place, just off the beach of Matanchen. When I told Fred about my plumbing problem, Fred phoned Armando the plumber. Armando agreed to come attend to our plumbing leak during the late afternoon today.

6PM - Plumbing fixed!
Just after sunset, Armando the Plumber drove up. We were sooooooo happy to see him. It only took Armando a few minutes to remove the plumbing fittings, examine them and then put them back on correctly.

The incoming water lines are not leaking now. One fitting has a tiny bit of seapage. But this is not a leak. Armando has promised to return soon to replace the O-rink in the kitchen sink's spout. Also to fix the bathroom faucet which needs new seals too.

Clear blue sky