Thursday, January 20, 2011


10AM - Schmoozing on the beach!
MsTioga headed to Matanchen Beach early, maybe around 8am.  However, we stopped to schmooze with Flyboy Chip.  We wound up schmoozing with Chip for a couple of hours.  Even changed the oil in our little Honda generator while we were with Chip!

When we went to make Camp on the beach, we found that an early morning tide had just recently receded leaving the sand wet and smooth.  Nary a track in the sand can be seen.  We are going to have to keep track of the tide now.  It looks as though high tides will be coming in during the day.
High tide made a trackless beach

5PM - MsTioga had lots of guests today!
This afternoon, there were many knocks on MsTioga's door. Vinny from British Columbia dropped by with a gift of a bunch of bananas. Brett who is also from BC came by while walking his three dogs on the beach.

Francisco, Weng's husband came by to use our printer to make copies of a document he prepared. Then, Weng and her daughter Kavena came by to use Mr. Datastorm to make a blog post!

Wow! We are sooooooo popular!
Weng and Kavena in MsTioga