Monday, January 03, 2011

Shopping trip Tepic

8AM - Shopping trip to Tepic
The City of Tepic is the largest town near the Pueblo of Aticama.  Tepic is about 1-1/2 hours away via a twisty road.  One lane in each direction.  MsTioga passes thru many tiny pueblos.  We love this trip and always look forward to shopping in Tepic!

MsTioga also has something to do in Tepic.  She would like her radiator cooling system to be power cleaned.  MsTioga had a problem sometime back because her engine coolant became a bit caustic and attacked the heater core which is fabricated out of  aluminum.  The heater core had to be replaced a couple of times because of leaks.  We have been bi-passing the heater core to protect it.  For about a year now, no radiator coolant has been flowing thru the heater core.

However, with our Eastern United States trip on the horizon, MsTioga would like to make her heater core operational again.  We would like to be able to warm up the insides of MsTioga while we are driving.  That would be soooooo nice once again!

Sad day
After I made my 8am post to you, I went into the bathroom to shave. While shaving I went over something that came to me recently, which is that I had not seen my son Dave even one time during all of 2010.

Somehow that thought, that terrible thought, overwhelmed me and I began blubbering like a baby.  I usually returned to Dave's home every six months.  But six months after my last visits with Dave in early November, 2009, I went to Israel instead.  I went to Israel while my son Dave's life languished into oblivion.  How could I have done that??

Below is the last pic that would ever be taken of my son Dave and me together.  It was taken on November 2nd, 2009 in Dave's kitchen.
Last pic of George and Dave together
November 2, 2009

5PM - Returned from Tepic
When we go to Tepic for a shopping trip, we usually stay there overnite. But today things are a bit glum with me, and I decided to return to Little River Camp in Aticama where I would be more "at home".

While in Tepic, we bought a bunch of stuff:

  • 5 liters motor oil for MsTioga's upcoming oil change
  • A Whopper at Burger King for lunch
  • Restocked my wallet with cash at the HSBC bank
  • (5) 500ml bottles of battery water
  • Biconcor blood pressure medication
  • Grocery shopping at the WalMart