Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special day

10AM - Today is very special!
Once in awhile readers write asking how I find something to write about every day?  Often when I tune in to other blogs, I read "Not much happened today".  You will never find me writing these words in my blog.  There's always a ton of stuff happening here!  I write about what I am doing, and what I am thinking about!  Everyday is Thanksgiving Day here with the TiogaRV Team!

On my bathroom door is a note to myself which reads:
April 05, 2004

Do not take the gift of "today" for granted,
It will never come again.

Bye for now,

1PM - Over grieving?
Reader Al sent an email asking if I am over grieving? "You have not written about your son Dave in several days. Are you over grieving?"

I am not over grieving.  Dave comes to my mind many times each day.  In the Elizabeth Kübler-Ross book, "The Wheel of Life" [link] Kübler-Ross writes about after life experiences where people after death hovered over their now dead body.  Last nite when I went to bed I thought of Dave hovering over his body.  In my mind, my son Dave was weeping over ending his life.

That thought overwhelmed me!  I almost had a panic attack.  Immediately I forced my mind away from such thoughts and I focused on the sound of the Little River until that after-life thought went away.

5PM - New masthead for 8th year
Little Mavicita has been looking for a pic to serve as our new masthead for our upcoming eighth year anniversary. Yes! On February 25th, Tioga and George will have been vagabonding together for eight years!

Little Mavicita took the pic below hoping that this might be the pic. Not bad, but still looking.
Matanchen Beach near sundown