Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tepic shopping

8AM - Tepic shopping trip!
Everybody on the TiogaRV Team loves to go traveling.  And, we are soooooo excited about today's shopping trip to the City of Tepic.  As you may know from our prior trips to Tepic, it takes us less than a couple of hours to go there from Aticama.  But even a short trip as is this one, gets us excited!

We drive on a twisty road, one-lane in each direction.  This road takes us over the mountain.  It is a lovely drive on this road too, because the jungle plants and trees are so very green.  The rainy season [June to September] has been very wet this year.  In some places on the twisty road, the trees grow over the road like a green tunnel!

12 Noon - The WalMart
We made an Afternoon Camp in WalMart's parking lot. A nice lunch was prepared in MsTioga's kitchen from leftover BBQ chicken, rice, beans and fruit salad. Yummmmm!

After a nice nap, we will go into WalMart to shop for groceries.

5PM - Nite Camped in the City of Tepic
We got most of our Tepic shopping complete.  All that is left for tomorrow is a front wheel alignment for MsTioga and a fill-up of one of our 5-gallon drinking water bottles.

We went to the Office Depot to buy printer cartridges for our HP printer.  We needed the printer to be working in order to make a copy of our new Mexican auto liability insurance policy.  Our old policy expires on January 21st.

On the way back from Office Depot, we were walking thru a little park and spotted a water faucet!  MsTioga's fresh water tank is pretty empty, so we decided to fill up from this faucet.  However, the faucet had no hose bibb!

No matter!  Because we on the TiogaRV Team are prepared for faucets like this as you may see in the pic below and as described in this MsTioga Magazine story [link].
MsTioga's faucet adapter in action!

Weng fans!
Our very good friend Weng dropped by MsTioga's yesterday [Monday] to say, "Hi!" and use Mr. Datastorm to make a post on her "Mail Order Bride" blog.

 Please click on our "Read Weng" pic just to the right of this post.