Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tie rod ends

Tie rod ends overhauled
Yesterday, Ramon the Mechanic showed me that the bushings in the tie rod ends were loose and needed new bushings.  Anyway, that was what I interpreted from Ramon showing me how the tie rod and drag link rotated easily.  Ramon stated that these connections should be tight.  So, I agreed to having the tie rod assembly sent out for overhauling of the two steering knuckles.

The turned brake drums and overhauled tie rod assembly should be returned to Ramon's shop early this morning.  Melissa's Auto Parts is supplying the new brake shoes, brake cylinders and all other parts and supplies needed.

Note:  My identification of steering parts in this post are made by looking in my Chilton Ford Manual.  I am not an experienced mechanic so my ID of these parts may be in error.

10AM - Brake drum reassembled
One brake drum has been reassembled and Ramon the Mechanic and his helper are now assembling the second drum.

In the pic below is a view of one of the ends that was replaced.  There are four of these ends.  Two on each end of the tie rod and two on each end of the drag link. In my Chilton manual, these "ends" appear to be called "steering knuckles".
One of four replaced 
steering knuckles

12 Noon - Work is done!
I am driving to San Blas to go to the bank for pesos. The bill for the parts is $1,600 pesos [$133US]. The bill for the labor is $1,200 pesos [$100 US].

On the way to San Blas, near the Pueblo of Islitas, are a bunch of roadside bread stores.  I bought a loaf of Pan de Platano [banana bread].   Yummmmm!

3PM - Bath in Little River
After paying the money to Mellisa and Ramon, MsTioga headed to the Pemex gas station in Aticama.  We bought 500 pesos gasoline and got permission to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank.  Then we made our Camp at the Little River.

I took a really nice bath in Little River.  The water is sooooo sparkly and clear.  As the current goes over the rocks, it makes a wonderful sound!

As I bathed in the water, it came to me how miraculous is today.  I've taken care of MsTioga's brakes and her steering rod.  And it makes me soooooo happy to accomplish these these maintenance tasks.  I love to go check these this maintenance off in my to-do list.

Can it get any better than this?   Hmmmmmm?

Front end alignment
I read the ShoutBox posts from Fezziwig and Florida Mike to do a front end alignment. I will get that done!