Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two camps better

Two camps better!
There is something that we on the TiogaRV Team truly believe.  That is, "One camp good, two camps better".  You may have noticed that The Team camps in two places.  During the day we usually camp out on the beach of Matanchen Bay.   However as nite begins to fall, we move to the other side of the Pueblo of Aticama and make our Nite Camp next to the Little River.

There are several reason why we like this kind of "Two Camp" camping.  Firstly, we love the variety of living in two different places.  Secondly, MsTioga likes the drive!  She likes warming up and traveling between these two camps.  And finally, Nite Camping next to the Little River takes us off the beach and away from high tides.

7:30AM - Fishermen
As MsTioga entered the road to Matanchen Beach, we came upon Flyboy Chip.  Chip and his beloved doggie, Peaches, were walking to where a large group of fishermen were unloading a big fishing net.

After MsTioga was camped on the beach, we walked with Chip to look at the fishermen.  The fish had spilled out of the net and the fishermen were gathering up their catch.  I, being the wimp that I am, felt sorry for the fish.  I am the only person on the beach who feels this way!
Flyboy Chip watching the fishermen

6PM - Pizza tonite!
I spent the early afternoon over at Vincent and Louise's camp in the El Chaco RV campground.  Vincent, Louise and their friends Bret and Sharon are pulling out this coming Friday morning and heading south.  So, I thought it might be a good idea if the five of us go took the opportunity to go together to Mario's Pizzeria located in the center of Aticama.

Mario's Pizzeria is owned by an American named Thomas.  And the pizza that Thomas sells is very good quality.  Thomas researched the making of pizza dough and sauce.  He has done an excellent job and his pizza has a great reputation.

At 6pm, Vincent, Louise, Bret and Sharon are coming over to MsTioga's.   We are all driving together inside MsTioga to Mario's Pizzeria.  What a good time!   
Louise, Brett, Sharon & Vincent
Inside MsTioga