Monday, January 31, 2011


After my son Dave died, I yearned to hear his voice.  I searched everywhere for videos with Dave talking and could only find one.  It was a 1989 CD video tape of Dave and I on a river trip on the Rogue River in southwest Oregon.

In this CD video, Dave only speaks during the very first part.  The video was made with Dave's own camera.  And he took several shots where he could of narrated.  But he said nothing during these shots.  Not one word!

There is another CD video where Dave might be seen speaking.  This is a CD video for which the tape has come off the reel and needs to be repaired.  This video was shot in 1989 also.

To me the voice connects to the person much more deeply than an image of that person.  But the time to think about capturing a person's voice for memories, is when that person lives.  After they have gone, it is too late for anything but wishing.

12 Noon - Angel's spot
MsTioga and The Team moved their Beach Camp a bit south to what is known as Angel's Spot. This is the place where Angel Charbonneau and her Boston terriers used to go on many days. Angel and her friend Del lived here under their palapa in the El Chaco RV Campground.

Angel and Del returned to British Columbia and now own and operate the Dusty Rose Pub in the Town of "50 Mile House" in BC.

Angel, this pic is for you!
Do you see Jorge standing in Angel's spot?
Behind the fishing launch

6PM - The circus is gone!
Garcia Circus pulled out today. So, MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp at our old Little River Camp. We liked camping at El Coscorron Campground while the circus was in town. But El Coscorron costs $50 pesos per nite and the Little River Camp is free!

Right now inside MsTioga to use Mr. Datastorm's WiFi, are Weng and her son Francis. We love to have guests!

Very light clouds