Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weather wimps

Weather wimps!
This morning we were looking online at winter weather in the Eastern United States!  Wow!

MsTioga said, "Those easterners must be really tough to take that winter weather!"

Mr. Datastorm said, "I like Mexico in the winter".

Mr. Levelers said, "I'll freeze myself to death out east in the winter!"

And Mr. DeLorme, our noble computerized GPS system said, "It is only about 2,100 miles from Florida to Aticama, Mexico!"   Hmmmmmmm?

3:30PM - Camped in Aticama
MsTioga and The Team have returned to the Pueblo of Aticama and made an Afternoon Camp alongside the lovely Bay of Matanchen.  Before we left the City of Tepic, MsTioga got a front wheel alignment at the Ford dealer.  Cost is 406 pesos [$33.70US].  We also filled our backup 5-gallon bottle of drinking water.

It is sooooooo nice to be back in Aticama, listening to the sound of gentle waves in Matanchen Bay.  Little Mavicita captured a pic of Jorge looking out at the waters.  After making this post, we are walking up to Francisco and Weng's hilltop home.  If you look at the upper right of the pic below, you may be able to see hilltop home!
Jorge looking out at Matanchen Bay
The people in the rocks are looking for oysters