Sunday, January 09, 2011

Year eight

Year eight coming up!
Although my values and goals are published online [link], I prefer to review them on Sundays where I keep them in my old Franklin planner.  This morning I opened the Franklin backward, and it flipped to the February, 2003 calendar.  And there it was on February 25, 2003:
P/U Tioga!

My memory has told me, and I have written in my blog, that the same day that my cancer doctor told me that I was in remission that I brought MsTioga home.  However, the calendar shows that I bought MsTioga on February 18, but did not bring Tioga home until February 25th.
February 25th - 8 years coming up!

10AM - One more step!
For several days I have been reading the Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross book, "The Wheel of Life" [link].  My time for reading is usually at meals. This morning I prepared a nice omelette with bacon and sausage and began reading.

Elisabeth told of a poem that hung over the guest bed in her grandmother's home.  I was struck by this poem because it got me to thinking about son Dave and his inability to go one more step.  Also, it got me thinking between the lines of this poem.  Between the lines where I found the warning, "stay in the moment" because if I do not stay in the moment, I go where despair and madness live.

Always when you think
you cannot make it anymore
from out of nowhere
comes a little light.

This little light
will renew your strength
and give you the energy
to go one more step.

5PM - Birthday party for Thomas
Today is the birthday party for Thomas, Weng and Francisco's youngest boy. "Tommy" was actually born on January 31st, 2000. His birthday party is being held today because tomorrow he flies back to Portland, Oregon to attend school.

We on the TiogaRV Team went shopping this morning to buy food for the party. First we stopped at Restaurante Gissel located on the edge of the plaza in El Centro de Aticama. We bought two BBQ chickens at Gissel's. We used to buy our BBQ chickens at Anita's around the corner. But Anita's began closing early, and often completely sold out during the afternoon.

There is a lady named Luz who sells delightful fruit things on the beach at Matanchen. We bought two containers of fruits for the party from Luz. Oranges, jicama, pineapple, water melon. Yummmmm!

Gissel's pollo asado stand

Luz at her beach stand