Monday, February 28, 2011

Center of my universe

9AM - Center of my Universe
You may feel that I have a crack in my record.  Because I keep coming back to losing my son David.  I understand how you feel.  But I do not know what to do about it!

When I took off on my great adventure on June 7th, 2003 [link], it was son David that I phoned to tell that I was on my way.  It never appeared in the horizon of my mind that a day would come when I would not return to my home in Concord.  Yes!  My home in Concord!  Although that was actually David's home, I felt and believed, that David's home was my home.

I had to lose my son David to come to the understanding that he and his home are the center of my Universe.

Rationally I know that David and his home are no longer the center of my Universe.  However, emotions apparently are not a rational thing.  So, when I contemplate pulling out from the Pueblo of Aticama, as I have been doing lately, I have no center for my journey.   No place to return to.  And although five months have passed since David died, I still have not been able to get my mind around all that this loss has challenged me.

11AM - Good bye Aticama
Since MsTioga and I are heading out from Aticama this afternoon, I hiked up to Weng and Francisco's hill top home to say good bye. I found Weng, Francisco and Uncle Bill painting the guest room and invited them to go out for lunch at the San Blas Social Club.
Weng, Francisco, Kawena and Uncle Bill

5PM - Nite Camped in Zacualpan
Around 3:30pm we picked up our laundry at Casa MaƱana and headed south out of Aticama. By 5pm MsTioga had traveled around 30 miles and we began looking for our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Zacualpan.

We are Nite Camped in a residential neighborhood next to a kindergarten school.  A lady came by selling tamales and I bought three for supper [18 pesos for three $1.50US].  Two chicken and one pork.
Tamale lady in Zacualpan

Clear sky

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forgotten anniversary

Forgotten anniversary!
We cannot believe it!  I've actually forgotten to tell you that two days ago on February 25, 2011, Tioga and I passed our eighth anniversary of being together!  Hmmmmmm?

To the best of our recollection, on February 25, 2003, we made our first Nite Camp in the parking lot of the Ace Hardware store in Concord, California.  We spent the next three months installing equipment into MsTioga in preparation for going on our adventure!

The pic below was taken in April, 2003.  Tioga and I are at our Camp in Benecia, California.  Note that Tioga has cabover windows in this pic.  Also, Tioga still has her awning.  Mr. Datastorm was mounted at the front of Tioga's roof at that time.
Tioga and George
Benecia, California - April, 2003

Misty sky

Saturday, February 26, 2011


8AM - Maintenance stuff
For the past few days we have been camping at the Little River, just messing around.  During that time, a bunch of maintenance items have come due in our Auto Maintenance Pro list.  So, after filling MsTioga's fresh water tank at the Pemex gas station, we are heading to La Playa de Matanchen.  There on the beach, we will begin knocking off some of those maintenance tasks!

10AM - Burgers or maintenance?
When there is a choice between two things, what do you do?  Well, this morning the choice was between delicious hamburgers at the San Blas Social Club or doing maintenance while camped on the beach.  Delicious hamburgers won!

We drove to the San Blas Social Club with Bill and Carol Sirimarco.  The restaurant at the Social Club is fantastic.  I know that I will be returning to eat at the Social Club many times.

2PM - Readers call 
After returning from our burger lunch, we made an Afternoon Camp on the Beach of Matanchen.   Immediately two readers drove up.  They are Warren & Rosemary from New York City.

Just as Warren and Rosemary were leaving, our friends Jerry and Carolyn drove up to visit.  You may recall that we went to Jerry and Carolyn's party at their new home in Aticama yesterday afternoon.  We would love to visit with Jerry and Carolyn at their other home in Kamloops, British Columbia during our trip east later this year.
Carolyn and Jerry

Clear sky

Friday, February 25, 2011


Party for Carolyn and Jerry!
You may remember Carolyn and Jerry who are building a home for themselves on the hill below Francisco and Weng's Hilltop Home.  Jerry is very experienced with earth moving equipment and cranes.  Last year Jerry rebuilt the road going up to Hilltop Home.

This evening there is a party celebrating Carolyn and Jerry's visit to Aticama.  Maybe Little Mavicita will get some pics of their new home!

5PM - The new home
Jerry and Carolyn's new Aticama home has two stories.  The roof of the upper story is a lovely deck with a great view.  About 20 friends came to celebrate with Carolyn and Jerry.  The food was wonderful!
Looking up at the new home

Carolyn at her party
With the blue shirt

Clear sky

Thursday, February 24, 2011


8AM - Nice weather here!
Have you been watching our little weather thing below?  Have you noticed that nearly every day has a clear sky?   The temperature ranges from around 60°F in the early morning to about 75°F in the afternoon.  When we look at the weather up north, we on the TiogaRV Team feel very lucky to be living here in this paradise!

1:30PM - Weng's passport
You may recall that I mentioned that last Tuesday, Weng and Francisco took a bus from Aticama to Mexico City. This trip was made in order to renew Weng's Philippine passport. This trip was successful, and both Weng and Francisco are now back in Aticama.

The trip had some excitement. On the way to Mexico City, a rock was thrown from an overpass and went thru the bus windshield! The rock landed next to Weng's seat, but Weng was not hurt. Just scared!

Clear sky

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helping friend

9AM - Helping a friend!
You may remember that a couple of days ago our friend Flyboy Chip was robbed.  One of the things the robber took was Chip's cell phone!  With that phone, Chip lost his phone number list.  Yesterday we got Chip's phone bill emailed to us and this morning printed out that bill.  Chip now has some of his phone list back.

We are so happy with all of the resources we on the TiogaRV Team have available to us!  It is a miracle to be able to do all this stuff way down here in Mexico!

12 Noon - Italian lunch!
You may recall that Bill and Carol Sirimarco gave me an invitation for an Italian meal. Bill has the reputation of an excellent cook! Well, Bill's reputation is well deserved. He prepared gnocci with meatballs. The food was sooooooo good! And then afterwards, Bill gave me a care-package with the leftovers! Man-O-man!

Bill and Carol live in a Fleetwood Class-C RV with just about the same floor plan as MsTioga. Same cute kitchen!
Bill and Carol

Clear sky

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

El Coscorron

Happy 279th birthday!

9AM - El Coscorron Campground
As we mentioned yesterday, MsTioga is camped in El Coscorron (the knuckle) Campground at the mouth of the Little River. In front of us at the water's edge, are a zillion birds. We see many pelicans and a bunch of other birds all hanging out peacefully. We even see a vulture and a turtle!

Wallet habits!
Yesterday afternoon after deciding to never allow my wallet to leave my hands while paying for stuff, I was astounded to see my wallet lying on the counter in a local grocery!  Quickly I grabbed up the loose wallet.

Old habits die hard!

Clear sky

Monday, February 21, 2011


8AM - Flyboy Chip robbed!
This morning Flyboy Chip came over to where MsTioga is camped asking for help to report his stolen cell phone.  Apparently, during the nite, a thief entered the apartment that Chip is renting here in Aticama.

We used Skype to phone AT&T and report the stolen phone.  It is amazing how much Skype service has improved!  Chip's phone service is now cancelled, so the thief will not be able to use the stolen phone.

9AM - Florida Mike's suggestion
Yesterday I nearly lost my wallet at the WalMart.  I placed the wallet on the counter while my groceries were rung up by the cashier.  Then I failed to pick up my wallet upon leaving the check-out counter.  A bagger ran after me and returned the wallet!

I am going to follow Florida Mike's ShoutBox suggestion and never allow my wallet to leave my hands anymore.  From now on, my wallet will either be in my hands or in my pocket.  Same with my change purse.  I've lost several change purses in this same way!

11AM - Helping Weng!
Weng and her husband Francisco are taking a bus tomorrow to travel to Mexico City.  Weng needs her Phillipine passport renewed.  We printed out the documents needed for this passport using our onboard HP printer.  Weng is filling out these documents here inside MsTioga.
Using Skype to phone the embassy in Mexico City

1:30PM - La Playa de Matanchen
The breeze at our Little River Camp moves upstream.  However, MsTioga camps along the river.  So, the breeze does not flow easily thru MsTioga's windows.  We decided to move to "La Playa de Matanchen" (the beach of Matanchen).  Not only will the breeze from the ocean cool us off inside MsTioga, but we will be looking at the wonderful sparkly waters of the bay!

This has been an especially nice day, with several guests dropping in to visit MsTioga.  In the pic below you see me celebrating today with a piece of buttered banana bread!
Jorge and his banana bread

5:30PM - El Coscorron Campground
Yesterday afternoon a guy put up a tent a couple of hundred feet downstream from our Little River Camp.  He spent the nite there.  On returning to our Little River Camp this afternoon, that tent was still there.  I do not want to stay overnite at Little River when another person is making camp there.  So, we decided to stay at El Coscorron Campground on the other side of the highway.

Clear sky