Tuesday, February 01, 2011

130,000 miles!
Every evening when we make our Nite Camp, MsTioga's mileage is posted into a log. This evening it was noticed that MsTioga's odometer reads 130,000 miles!

When I first met MsTioga in February, 2003, MsTioga's odometer read 53,746 miles. So Tioga and I have traveled 76,254 miles together. An average of 9,531 miles each year.

What a fantastic eight years we have had together!  Tioga and I can only wonder what great adventures await us during our next eight years!

8AM - Let's go flying!
While eating breakfast this morning at our Little River Camp, a car pulled alongside MsTioga. It was Flyboy Chip!

"Let's go flying!", Chip announced.
Chip doing pre-flight check

Flight pics!
Chip asked me which way I'd like to fly. North or south!  I chose north.  Did you know that I have flown with Chip many times before?  During those prior flights I made several videos about flying, most of them are posted on YouTube.

Today I took several pics.  The ones that I liked the best were pics of Weng and Francisco's hill top home!

Clear sky