Friday, February 18, 2011

Another day

8AM - Sunrise of another day!
One hour ago at 7am, just before sunrise, fog covered the sky.  But there was a sign that the sky would clear and that the sun would shine brightly over the Pueblo of Aticama.

I am sitting at MsTioga's dining table with the door open so that I may hear the riffle of the Little River.  It is a beautiful sound.  I have to confess to you that my thoughts remain blue.  Yes, blue but hopeful.  Waiting for the excitement that used to fill my life to kick in.

It baffles me that I, who seemingly has everything, would be feeling the way that I do.  However, I cannot simply deny the way that I feel.  And how do I feel?   I feel that if I can do the very best that I am able, that the way for my destiny will come into view.

Right after I make this blog post, I am going to exercise with my dumb bell weights.  I've not exercised like that for awhile, and doing that will be good for me.

1PM - Readers Bill and Carol
A Jeep pulled up and parked behind MsTioga.  Readers Bill and Carol Sirimarco came to call.  They have been following MsTioga and myself for several years!

Bill and Carol have taken their RV down thru Central and South America!  You may read about their trip by clicking [here].
Carol and Bill

Clear sky