Sunday, February 06, 2011

Birthday party

Birthday party!
An email arrived from Weng, who as you may know, is the now internet connected!  Weng's daughter Kavena is celebrating her seventh birthday today.  Weng screwed up.  There is only one box of cake mix in her pantry, and 20 kids are coming to the party!  What to do?

"Please buy a nice cake for 20 people!", wrote Weng.  Wow!  We on the TiogaRV Team love to do things like this for our friends.  This morning we shall shop for a birthday cake.  And since we love chocolate, it's a better than even chance that this birthday cake will be chocolate too.  With chocolate frosting!

Since we are right now on a shopping trip to the City of Tepic, buying this birthday cake should be easy to do!

8AM - Paying bills
You may recall my dilemma a short while back concerning paying medical bills.  The Bank of America's "Bill Pay" service sends out a text message to validate their Bill Pay.  However, I was not able to receive a text message in Aticama.  In fact, I believed that I could not receive a text message on my Jitterbug phone anywhere in Mexico.

This morning, on a whim, the Jitterbug phone was turned on.  I was very surprised to hear a dial tone!  So, I went online to BofA and made a Bill Pay for one of the bills.  Guess what happened?  I received BofA's text message!  Wow!  Now, all of my medical bills have been paid!

10AM - Pete & Jimena Schuster's new home
Sometime back I promised to post pics of Pete & Jimena Schuster's new home.  You may recall that Pete & Jimena bought land on the outskirts of the City of Tequisquiapan.  They worked for most of last year constructing their new home.

About the first week in January, 2011, Pete and Jimena moved into this lovely home.

Here is a [link] to our MsTioga Magazine page showing pics that Pete sent to us.

1PM - Back with cake!
MsTioga and The Team have returned to Aticama with a nice looking chocolate cake. We do not know what the inside of the cake is yet! I guess this is going to be "wait and see cake".
Kavena's birthday cake!

Clear blue sky