Monday, February 28, 2011

Center of my universe

9AM - Center of my Universe
You may feel that I have a crack in my record.  Because I keep coming back to losing my son David.  I understand how you feel.  But I do not know what to do about it!

When I took off on my great adventure on June 7th, 2003 [link], it was son David that I phoned to tell that I was on my way.  It never appeared in the horizon of my mind that a day would come when I would not return to my home in Concord.  Yes!  My home in Concord!  Although that was actually David's home, I felt and believed, that David's home was my home.

I had to lose my son David to come to the understanding that he and his home are the center of my Universe.

Rationally I know that David and his home are no longer the center of my Universe.  However, emotions apparently are not a rational thing.  So, when I contemplate pulling out from the Pueblo of Aticama, as I have been doing lately, I have no center for my journey.   No place to return to.  And although five months have passed since David died, I still have not been able to get my mind around all that this loss has challenged me.

11AM - Good bye Aticama
Since MsTioga and I are heading out from Aticama this afternoon, I hiked up to Weng and Francisco's hill top home to say good bye. I found Weng, Francisco and Uncle Bill painting the guest room and invited them to go out for lunch at the San Blas Social Club.
Weng, Francisco, Kawena and Uncle Bill

5PM - Nite Camped in Zacualpan
Around 3:30pm we picked up our laundry at Casa Mañana and headed south out of Aticama. By 5pm MsTioga had traveled around 30 miles and we began looking for our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Zacualpan.

We are Nite Camped in a residential neighborhood next to a kindergarten school.  A lady came by selling tamales and I bought three for supper [18 pesos for three $1.50US].  Two chicken and one pork.
Tamale lady in Zacualpan

Clear sky