Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doctor is in

9AM - The doctor is in!
I guess that you might call me an amateur psychiatrist.  I have to be!  Because everywhere I go I run across people doing very strange things.  And these people influence me.  So, I have to analyze them to find out what is what!  And from that analysis decide what I myself should do.

Being afraid, for example.  I am greatly influenced by readers writing to me about how dangerous it is to be living in Mexico.  In the RV.Net's Mexico forum, knowledgeable people post of the news incidents about crime in Mexico.  Very scary!

Yet, I am living here and not experiencing anything even remotely like what I read about.  Am I just lucky?  Should I be scared too?

My thoughts about this kind of fear thing is that it is self-induced.  Sure there is some danger out there.  But there has always been danger, and that danger is everywhere.  However, we can choose to be afraid, or choose to be unafraid.   MsTioga and I have chosen to be unafraid.

Looking up-river!
Usually Little Mavicita takes pics at our Little River Camp looking downstream toward the sunset. However, upstream looks pretty nice too!
Looking upstream from MsTioga's door

Tioga and George's first header
Some readers wondered what our blogger header looked like when we first began. This is our first header!

Clear sky