Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good days

10AM - Good days and great days!
This morning brings to me one of my best of recent days.  I've received many emails from readers lately.  And those emails put a perspective on my days which makes me feel very good.

The fact is, that I am living a fabulous life.  I am in good health.  A roof over my head.  And food in the fridge.  I am also surrounded by friends.  The only thing missing from my life is a home in the USA.  A home that vanished when my son Dave died.  I must learn to live without that home.  And I believe that I can do that!

1PM - Camping and cooking
We remained today at our Little River Camp.  During the afternoon there came a tap-tap-tapping sound.  Looking out from MsTioga's door I saw a man with a machete cutting small limbs from a downed tree.  I thought that he was cutting wood for his kitchen.  But a little later when I looked outside, I saw that there were three men and they had started a campfire.  They were cooking corn over the fire and enjoying eating the cooked corn.  The men stripped the husks from the blackened corn, rubbed lime on the kernels and ate.

I walked out and struck up a conversation with them.  They are all from Jalcocotan, about 15 miles away on the highway to Tepic.  One of the men had worked a couple of years ago in Pennsylvania picking blueberries.  We talked about the differences between Mexico and the USA.  How they could just light a fire to cook corn here, which is not so easy to do in the USA.

It is amazing to me how simple life is in Mexico.  Where three guys can be happy cooking and eating corn next to Aticama's Little River.
Cooking corn over a fire in Aticama

Clear sky