Thursday, February 17, 2011

Helping Weng

9AM - Helping Weng!
This morning my friend Weng knocked on MsTioga's door.  Weng wants to make some important phone calls using Skype.  The TelCel connection at Weng's hill top home is not fast enough for Skype.  So, Weng is here to use our Mr. Datastorm which works very well with Skype.

Of course Weng and I have loads of stuff to talk about, because we are good friends.  That is why I am late making this blog post today.  Skyping and talking!

12 Noon - Rinsing the wash
My neighbor lady is washing clothes this morning.  Because rinsing uses a lot of water, she uses the Little River which flows by her home to do the rinsing.  This morning Little Mavicita caught a nice pic of my neighbor rinsing her wash!
Rinsing the wash
Aticama's Little River

Misty sky