Monday, February 14, 2011

Hilltop home2

MsTioga wants you to be her Valentine!

8AM - Weng's Hilltop Home!
This morning we are going to hike up to Weng's Hilltop Home!  Weng, her husband Francisco, their son Francis and daughter Kawena have been visiting inside MsTioga lately.  But we have not been up to their home for several days.

Also, neighbors Jerry and Carolyn have returned.  You may recall that Jerry and Carolyn bought a lot downhill from Weng and Francisco and built a home on that lot.  We want to go over to that "home under construction" with Jerry and Carolyn!

4PM - Back at Little River Camp
We spent all morning and part of the afternoon talking with our friend Weng. We seem to never run out of things to talk about together!  Now we are back with MsTioga at Little River Camp.

In the pic below, Weng is using her TelCel wireless modem to connect to the internet. It's the pink device coming out of a USB port.
Weng on the internet at Hilltop Home

Clear sky