Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Income tax

7AM - Income tax finished!
Last nite my income tax forms got completely filled out!  Printed too!  It turns out that my federal income tax due is exactly equal to my self-employment tax.  It was pretty easy to fill out the Form 1040, Schedule C, and Schedule SE-Self Employment tax using IRS forms downloaded in Adobe's PDF.  I was able to fill out these PDFs using Adobe's Reader-X.  Everything looks soooooo professional too!

I've triple checked all of my addition/subtraction, and compared my tax forms to the ones filled out by my former tax guy last year.

8AM - Airplane muffler repair!
Flyboy Chip drove over to our Little River Camp wondering if we could find a place on the internet that could repair his cracked airplane mufflers.  We knew of a shop in the City of Tepic that did the required TIG welding.  These mufflers are fabricated of stainless steel.

I offered to drive with Chip to show him where this welding shop is located.  So, off we went to Tepic!

3PM - Mufflers fixed!
We just returned from Tepic with the fixed mufflers.
Flyboy Chip and the airplane mufflers

Clear sky