Friday, February 11, 2011

Lost in paradise

9AM - Lost in paradise!
If you have been following my blog every day, you may read between the lines that I am a bit lost in this paradise where I now find myself.  How did I get lost?  Well, you might know that already.  It happened when my stick home with my son Dave vanished.  Now, I am somewhat drifting, searching for a new compass.

Experience has taught me to depend on my unknown future to bear beautiful fruit.  Doing so, is a sign of my faith.  I believe that if I keep my faith while drifting, if I never give up searching, something will come along to show me the way.

It comes to me that being lost like this may be part of my grieving process.  Certainly I was not lost before September 20, 2010.  That fateful day when Dave died.  So, please have patience with me when I share these deep thoughts with you.

Clear sky