Saturday, February 26, 2011


8AM - Maintenance stuff
For the past few days we have been camping at the Little River, just messing around.  During that time, a bunch of maintenance items have come due in our Auto Maintenance Pro list.  So, after filling MsTioga's fresh water tank at the Pemex gas station, we are heading to La Playa de Matanchen.  There on the beach, we will begin knocking off some of those maintenance tasks!

10AM - Burgers or maintenance?
When there is a choice between two things, what do you do?  Well, this morning the choice was between delicious hamburgers at the San Blas Social Club or doing maintenance while camped on the beach.  Delicious hamburgers won!

We drove to the San Blas Social Club with Bill and Carol Sirimarco.  The restaurant at the Social Club is fantastic.  I know that I will be returning to eat at the Social Club many times.

2PM - Readers call 
After returning from our burger lunch, we made an Afternoon Camp on the Beach of Matanchen.   Immediately two readers drove up.  They are Warren & Rosemary from New York City.

Just as Warren and Rosemary were leaving, our friends Jerry and Carolyn drove up to visit.  You may recall that we went to Jerry and Carolyn's party at their new home in Aticama yesterday afternoon.  We would love to visit with Jerry and Carolyn at their other home in Kamloops, British Columbia during our trip east later this year.
Carolyn and Jerry

Clear sky