Friday, February 04, 2011

Next bend river

8AM - The next bend in the river!
When we first began to run whitewater rivers in the 1970s, my son David and I would search for wonderful places to river camp.  That was when we stumbled upon the truth of wonderful camps.

The best camp is always around "The next bend in the river!"

It is the same for MsTioga and myself now.  The best camp is always around the next bend in the road.  Since this truth is absolute and unquestionable, how do we find these best camps?

  • Never plan where you will travel that day
  • Travel by wandering around
  • Only move 30-50 miles each day
  • If you are on the road for 10 minutes and find an interesting place, make a camp!
  • If you find yourself in a traffic jam, pull off the road and make a camp

9AM - Read Weng
As you may know, Weng is my friend.  This 35 year old, Philippine born, mail-order bride, mother of three is my friend.  And I am soooooo happy that Weng is my friend.

Yesterday I treated Weng to the gift of a Telcel WiFi modem.  Now Weng is able to blog from her hill top home.  And, as you may read for yourself, Weng is so happy about that!

Click [here] to read Weng!

Little Mavicita Video Production
This is a simple video. While eating breakfast this morning, it came to mind how gorgeous and miraculous are the waves coming in to the Bay of Matanchen. So, Little Mavicita and I laid out the film in our collective minds, and went outside after breakfast and produced this video for you.

Now you may enjoy, what we enjoy!

Mostly cloudy