Friday, February 25, 2011


Party for Carolyn and Jerry!
You may remember Carolyn and Jerry who are building a home for themselves on the hill below Francisco and Weng's Hilltop Home.  Jerry is very experienced with earth moving equipment and cranes.  Last year Jerry rebuilt the road going up to Hilltop Home.

This evening there is a party celebrating Carolyn and Jerry's visit to Aticama.  Maybe Little Mavicita will get some pics of their new home!

5PM - The new home
Jerry and Carolyn's new Aticama home has two stories.  The roof of the upper story is a lovely deck with a great view.  About 20 friends came to celebrate with Carolyn and Jerry.  The food was wonderful!
Looking up at the new home

Carolyn at her party
With the blue shirt

Clear sky