Monday, February 21, 2011


8AM - Flyboy Chip robbed!
This morning Flyboy Chip came over to where MsTioga is camped asking for help to report his stolen cell phone.  Apparently, during the nite, a thief entered the apartment that Chip is renting here in Aticama.

We used Skype to phone AT&T and report the stolen phone.  It is amazing how much Skype service has improved!  Chip's phone service is now cancelled, so the thief will not be able to use the stolen phone.

9AM - Florida Mike's suggestion
Yesterday I nearly lost my wallet at the WalMart.  I placed the wallet on the counter while my groceries were rung up by the cashier.  Then I failed to pick up my wallet upon leaving the check-out counter.  A bagger ran after me and returned the wallet!

I am going to follow Florida Mike's ShoutBox suggestion and never allow my wallet to leave my hands anymore.  From now on, my wallet will either be in my hands or in my pocket.  Same with my change purse.  I've lost several change purses in this same way!

11AM - Helping Weng!
Weng and her husband Francisco are taking a bus tomorrow to travel to Mexico City.  Weng needs her Phillipine passport renewed.  We printed out the documents needed for this passport using our onboard HP printer.  Weng is filling out these documents here inside MsTioga.
Using Skype to phone the embassy in Mexico City

1:30PM - La Playa de Matanchen
The breeze at our Little River Camp moves upstream.  However, MsTioga camps along the river.  So, the breeze does not flow easily thru MsTioga's windows.  We decided to move to "La Playa de Matanchen" (the beach of Matanchen).  Not only will the breeze from the ocean cool us off inside MsTioga, but we will be looking at the wonderful sparkly waters of the bay!

This has been an especially nice day, with several guests dropping in to visit MsTioga.  In the pic below you see me celebrating today with a piece of buttered banana bread!
Jorge and his banana bread

5:30PM - El Coscorron Campground
Yesterday afternoon a guy put up a tent a couple of hundred feet downstream from our Little River Camp.  He spent the nite there.  On returning to our Little River Camp this afternoon, that tent was still there.  I do not want to stay overnite at Little River when another person is making camp there.  So, we decided to stay at El Coscorron Campground on the other side of the highway.

Clear sky