Thursday, February 03, 2011

Telcel Banda Ancha

8AM - Telcel Banda Ancha
Last year I learned about Telcel's Banda Ancha service.  Telcel is one of two large phone companies here in Mexico.  Banda Ancha means Wide Band, and is an internet connection service offered by Telcel.

A few months ago I offered to help Weng pay to get Banda Ancha service at her hill top home.  This morning Weng, Francisco and their friend, Uncle Bill, came to pick me up to go to the City of San Blas to buy a Banda Ancha.

This internet system consists of a small USB modem which connects to the Telcel network.  It seems to work great!  It costs $72US for the device and $40US/month for the service.

5PM - Visiting Hill Top Home!
I've just returned from a visit to Weng & Francisco's hill top home. Just schmoozing around, talking, eating food Weng prepared. Fresh bread. Salmon patties. Some kind of vegetable dish with a lot of potatoes.

There is some kind of celebration going on in the Pueblo of Aticama. This means a lot of fireworks with loud bangs in the early morning, around 5am. So, we have made our Nite Camp along the bay side road between Aticama and the beach of Matanchen. Hopefully there will be less fireworks heard at this campsite  tomorrow morning.

Mostly cloudy