Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tepic shopping2

7AM - Tepic shopping trip
We are heading out from Aticama for a Tepic shopping trip.  Our main shopping list item is propane.  We have been using our Mr. Wave6 propane heater almost every nite lately because of nightly temps in the low 50s°F.   We last filled up with propane on January 18th.  Propane usually lasts 10 days longer than this.

Weng teases me during her visits to MsTioga because I use a heater.  Here in Aticama, hardly anybody has a heater in their home.  Weng and Francisco's home is no exception.  In fact, their home has no windows or doors.

11AM - Searching for propane
Amazingly when we drove up to the Global Gas Propane Station, the place was surrounded by electric company cranes and trucks. In fact, Global Gas had no electricity because the poles delivering power were being replaced!

So, we went looking for another propane station. We do not have to know how to get to a place in Mexico in order to find it. We just ask somebody for directions, go a few miles following those instructions, then ask somebody else!  Eventually we find what we are looking for.  And we found another Global Gas Station and MsTioga now has a full propane tank!

Did you know that you do not need a doctor's prescription in Mexico in order to buy most medication?  I am getting low on a couple of medications, and went to buy more.  The first pharmacy did not stock the blood pressure med Biconcor or Finasteride my prostate med.  But WalMart's pharmacy stocked both.  A month supply of both meds cost $79US.

3PM - Camping in Tepic
It got too late in the afternoon to travel back to Aticama. I was getting sleepy, and needed a nap. So, we are Nite Camped in our usual spot in Tepic.

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