Thursday, February 24, 2011


8AM - Nice weather here!
Have you been watching our little weather thing below?  Have you noticed that nearly every day has a clear sky?   The temperature ranges from around 60°F in the early morning to about 75°F in the afternoon.  When we look at the weather up north, we on the TiogaRV Team feel very lucky to be living here in this paradise!

1:30PM - Weng's passport
You may recall that I mentioned that last Tuesday, Weng and Francisco took a bus from Aticama to Mexico City. This trip was made in order to renew Weng's Philippine passport. This trip was successful, and both Weng and Francisco are now back in Aticama.

The trip had some excitement. On the way to Mexico City, a rock was thrown from an overpass and went thru the bus windshield! The rock landed next to Weng's seat, but Weng was not hurt. Just scared!

Clear sky