Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wonderful life

9AM - It's a wonderful life!
I've just finished breakfast and am sitting at our dining table.  When I look to my right out MsTioga's door, I see the riffle in the Little River.  That riffle that brings the music of the water to my ear.

A short while ago, my neighbor Samuel the truck driver stopped his dump truck next to MsTioga.  Samuel wanted to know if I was alright, because MsTioga had stayed parked here for two nites without moving.  That is how it is around here in Aticama.  People who I know in the Pueblo of Aticama care about me.

Life is easy.  Each new day brings a zillion possibilities.  I can do anything that I wish.  Sit and watch waves on Matanchen Beach.  Or watch the waters of the Little River.  Go visit my friend Weng.  Stroll around the center of Aticama.

These past months have been a giant struggle for me.  The suicide of my son Dave was and continues to be a huge challenge.  I wonder if I will ever completely adjust to Dave not being alive anymore.  And yet, my life is so rich and so wonderful.  I must focus on what I have, not what I have lost.

1PM - Two camps better!
An old saying among veteran campers is:
One camp good, two camps better!

Why are two camps better than one camp?  Well, for one thing, variety is the spice of life!  Also, why stay put when you live in an RV?  In the pic below, you see Jorge and Tioga rejoicing in their second camp!
How did Jorge get up there so fast?

5PM - Beach movie
This afternoon I watched a beach movie! "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks who portrays Chuck Noland. While he was on that Pacific island, Noland learns to survive. He catches fish with a spear!

That got me to thinking about eating fish for supper tonite! Fried fish with rice and a salad. MsTioga and I are returning to our Little River Camp now in time to watch the sunset. Then make supper.
Sunset thru MsTioga's windshield

Clear sky