Thursday, March 31, 2011


7AM - David's will
Yesterday an email came in from the lawyer handling my son David's probate.  The lawyer is asking me to send the suicide note which contains David's will.  Apparently the law requires that the original will be filed with the probate court.

This is not the first time that this lawyer has asked me for David's will.  While I was still in California late last year, he asked me for the will.  But I refused to hand it over then.  The four pieces of paper on which the note is written are the last communication that I had with my son, David.  I found that I was emotionally attached to these words, and would not give them up.

But now time has passed.  My emotional roller coaster has calmed down quite a bit.  I am able to give up the note now.  So, this morning here in the City of Tepatitlan, I will look for the Mexico Post Office and send David's will to the lawyer by registered mail.  Before I put the will in the mailing envelope, I made a copy of the note for me to keep forever.

Last nite around 10pm there was a gentle knock on MsTioga's door.  Looking out thru the windows I could see a police truck with lites flashing.  I went outside and asked if they wanted to talk to me?

There were four police.  They wanted to know what I was doing here?  Where I had come from?  Where I was going?  The conversation was very calm, very polite.  In all the years that I have lived in Mexico, I have never encountered a policeman with attitude.

2PM - Magdalena where Boid flew away!
We have made a Camp for the nite inside the City of Magdalena. We were camped here on 25 April 2009. That was the day when little Boid flew out from MsTioga to find his destiny. Wow! That was a tough time for me, MsTioga and The Team!
Boid chewing papers on my desk
Later that day Boid flew away forever

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


9AM - A fortunate guy!
I feel that I am a very fortunate guy to be traveling around as I do having friends along my path.  Friends like the Gonzalez family in León.  Pete and Jimena Schuster in Tequisquiapan.  Weng and Francisco Kohler in Aticama.  These are friends whose relationship with me runs deep.  Friends whose friendship extends to real issues that make us feel close to each other!

10AM - Leaving the City of León
Now comes the time for MsTioga and The Team to head out from the City of León toward the Pueblo of Aticama. We are likely still two days away from Aticama, depending on how far we travel each day.  We rarely travel more than 100 miles in a day.

3PM - Tepatitlan Nite Camp
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the City of Tepatitlan.  There is a shopping center here with an AutoZone and Soriana Grocery store.  At AutoZone we bought a backup engine oil plug bolt which included a washer/seal.  As we were checking out at the Soriana, we came upon a Chinese takeout restaurant!
Chinese takeout 45 pesos [$3.82US]

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mechanic returns

Mechanic returns!
Yesterday afternoon, a bit after 5pm, the mechanic returned.  However, he did not have the new oil plug bolt with him!  However, he told me that the new bolt had been purchased.  He asked what kind of oil MsTioga used and I told him.  Then, the mechanic took off.

I expected him to return in a few minutes.  But a few minutes turned into an hour and no mechanic came!  I am expecting the mechanic to return early this morning!

9AM - Breakfast with Mauricio & Edith
Mauricio knocked on MsTioga's door asking me to come inside for breakfast. Edith and Mauricio together prepared waffles and eggs! I am treated sooooooo great here at the Gonzalez family!
Edith and Mauricio Gonzalez

10AM - No more leaks!
The mechanic from AutoChek returned with the new and slightly larger oil plug which included a new washer/seal. MsTioga got new oil and filter. When MsTioga's engine started, no leaks could be seen! We are sooooooo happy about that!

The cost of repairs is 850 pesos [$72 US].
AutoChek mechanic installing oil filter

12 Noon - Catching up on email
Usually I do not reply to email until my solar battery bank is recharged. However, now I am remaining at the Gonzalez family home, and am plugged into their electricity. So, I am able to spend a lot of time today replying to email.

It is very easy for me to get behind on my email replies. Sometimes I receive 25+ email in one day. Right now I am behind about 36 email and I have not even received today's email yet!

I want you to know that email is very important to me. And replying to your email is one of my high priority things!

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Monday, March 28, 2011


4AM - Lennon
I woke up and thought of a couple of changes that I'd like to make to yesterday's blog post.  Just a couple of links.  One link to my trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico, which would tell you about my meeting the Gonzalez family.  And the second link to our MsTioga Magazine story about Copper Canyon.

I was just about to go back to bed when I clicked on the movie channel just to take a peek and spotted the movie, "LennonNYC".  I feel that it is a great movie and wanted to share it with you!  For "LennonNYC" part #1 click [here]. Part #2, click [here].

8AM - MsTioga's oil drain plug
You may recall that when MsTioga changed her oil the last time in the Pueblo of Aticama, we found out that the thread into the oil pan was messed up. Somehow that thread got enlarged when a mechanic tried to put the plug bolt in crooked.  The bolt was "cross threaded", and now it was very hard to get the bolt in correctly so that no oil leaked from the pan!

Now MsTioga needs her oil changed again.  But first that messed up thread in the oil pan needs to be fixed.  We are going to a mechanic here in the City of León this morning to see about repairing that thread.

10AM - Mechanic comes to MsTioga!
My friend Mauricio Gonzalez prepared breakfast for me!  Sandwiches!  One for me and one for him. After breakfast we drove to Maurcio's mechanic.  The shop is called, "AutoChek" where I met Edgar, the shop manager.

It was decided to send mechanics out to check exactly what is MsTioga's problem.  When the two mechanics arrived, they removed the oil drain plug and decided that a slightly larger drain plug bolt could be purchased that would resolve the problem.  They promised to return in about two hours with the new bolt.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simple life

8AM - A simple life
For me being an RVing vagabond is a simple life.  Wandering around searching for adventure seems to me to be one of the least complicated ways to live.  One of the reasons that I did not go thru with purchase of the lot in Tequisquiapan was that land ownership complicates things.

I had the best of all possible worlds when my son David was alive.  With a home base of own and my son David taking care of all the complications of owning that home.  All that I had to do then was to enjoy that home.

Having a popular website means that readers send lots of email. I love to receive email! Sometimes I cannot answer all of the email received.  Replies often are made days or sometimes weeks later. Right now I am replying to email received on March 20th.

This morning I'll spend an hour or two doing replies.

3PM - City of León
From our Nite Camp in the City of San Juan del Rio to the City of León is about 126 miles.  It took MsTioga 6 hours to make this trip because I needed two naps!

As you may know, I have some very good friends living in the City of León.  They are Mauricio and Edith Gonzalez.  We met in early 2008 in the Copper Canyon of Mexico [link].  And, we have been friends ever since then.  Every time that I travel thru León I stop for a visit with the Gonzalez family.  They treat me the same as if I were a member of their family.

A few years ago Mauricio bought a recreational trailer.  Twice Mauricio and Edith have brought their trailer down to Aticama and camped there while I was also camping in Aticama.

MsTioga will spend the nite in front of the Gonzalez home.

Note: If you would like to read our MsTioga Magazine story about Copper Canyon, click [here].

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


4:30AM - Yesterday
Yesterday was a fascinating day for me.  After Cruz the plumber installed the new kitchen sink faucet, I went into central Tequis to a hair cutting place and had my hair washed and cut.   After the haircut, I went to a nice park in the south part of Tequis where MsTioga is able to be in the shade.  I stayed in this park for a couple of hours, just walking around and listening to music on my iPod.

Then we drove to the Soriana Store and parked on the quiet street in the shade of the store's building.  I washed 1/2 of MsTioga.  That was the first time that I had washed MsTioga in several weeks.

Why was today fascinating for me?  During the past several weeks instead of doing things as I had done today, I had mostly been inside MsTioga during the day watching movies!  I had been using movies as a diversion from my thoughts about David.  However, I am not able to live an emotionally healthy life doing that kind of stuff.  I have to be active, not reclusive!

Life is about living and dying
A person such as myself cannot get away from the grieving process by diverting their thoughts by watching a bunch of movies.  The movies are stories about people.  And those people are living and dying.  Yesterday evening I watched only one movie.  "The Buddy Holly Story".  As you may know, Buddy dies in an airplane crash at the end of the movie.  I thought about those people left behind after Buddy died.  His Dad and Mom.   Also his new wife!

These people had to also get thru their grieving.  The same as myself.  And apparently as I have learned during the past several weeks, diversion does not work for me as a cure for grieving.  Only being active and doing things works for me.

4:30PM - Camped in the City of San Juan del Rio
Most of the day I spent at the home of my good friends, Pete and Jimena. I love being with them. Because these two are real people. No pretense. During the weeks that I have been in Tequisquiapan, the three of us talked about all the stuff that goes on in our life. I will definitely miss Pete and Jimena.

Then came the time when we said our goodbyes. MsTioga and I pulled out from Tequisquiapan and headed south for the City of San Juan del Rio. We made a Nite Camp in the same neighborhood as the office of Doctor Robles, the dermatologist who removed the skin cancer from my nose in July, 2009.
Jorge & MsTioga in San Juan del Rio

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Friday, March 25, 2011


7AM - Concerned about myself!
I am concerned about myself. I am not behaving right. It takes me a long time to make decisions, or better said, actually doing things that I decided to do takes forever.  Fixing the kitchen faucet, for example.  That repair job has been hanging-fire for over a month!  A few days ago I bought the replacement faucet.  Now all that needs to be done is to get a plumber to install the darned thing!  I've got to get that faucet installed today!

Another thing that got stalled, was the filing of my 1040 tax return.  I finished the 1040 weeks ago.  Now it needs to get sent to the IRS in Fresno, California.  Finally yesterday afternoon, I went to the post office here in Tequisquiapan, and sent my 1040 by registered mail.  It's about three weeks to the tax filing deadline, so the IRS should receive my 1040 on time.

It has occurred to me that I may be in some kind of depression.  What ever the problem is, I sure do NOT like having it!

9AM - Cruz the plumber
Right after I made the 7am post to you, I felt sooooooo much better. I drove over to Pete and Jimena's home and told Pete about wanting to see Cruz the plumber. And guess what happened? Cruz phoned us up! It was a miracle!

I made an appointment to meet Cruz near his home. In about an hour, Cruz and his brother, working together, installed the new kitchen faucet.
Cruz drilling faucet line holes

Our new faucet

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


8AM - Sharing with friends
Yesterday after posting here in my blog about not wanting to stay in one place, I spent the day with my friends Pete and Jimena.  I shared with them that I did not want to go thru with the purchase of the lot.  Pete and Jimena were very understanding.

I have not actually started the purchase process for the lot, so it will be easy to inform the seller whose name is Richard of my change in plans.  I am going to talk to Richard this morning about this change in my plans.

In thinking about what I have been up to since returning to Mexico last December, it seems to me that I have been very wishy-washy about my plans.  First of all, I've stopped posting my trip plans altogether.  Then I told you that I was planning a trip to the eastern United States.  Then I abruptly left Aticama, and headed out for Tequisquiapan.  And finally, I planned to buy this lot and now have changed my mind about that.

I am not sure what is causing me to behave like this?  But, I suspect that it likely has something to do with the passing of my son, David.   You know that I have another son.  My other son has asked me not to write about him in my blog.  I do not consider what I am writing here about my other son a violation of my agreement because I am not mentioning him by name.

Anyway, what am I thinking about doing now?  I am going to hang around Tequisquiapan for a few days, then head out for a return to Aticama.  After that, I am thinking about heading north for a return to the United States.  I want to travel around California with MsTioga for awhile.  I wish to visit with friends and family up there.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Staying in one place

7AM - Staying in one place
Yesterday afternoon I returned to Tequisquiapan after buying MsTioga's new sink faucet in the City of Queretaro.  However, I found that I felt very uncomfortable about going back to the lot and camping there!  So, I made a camp behind the Bodega Aurrera store in Tequis for the afternoon.  Then in the late afternoon, I made a Nite Camp behind the Soriana store where there is a very nice view looking over the valley which has the large reservoir.

What the heck is going on?  I spent a lot of time last nite trying to answer that question.  What I came up with was that I am not a guy who can stay in one place!  In order for me to feel good, I have to be moving around.  I was hoping to replace my son David's home base by buying the lot in Tequisquiapan.  I was hoping that by staying on that lot, in time, I would develop feelings about that place.  But what happened instead was that I found that the only attraction for me living on that lot were my neighbors, Pete and Jimena!

Extremely hard to write to you about this!
It is very difficult for me to tell you about this!  Did you know that my readership has gone up more than 500 visits a day since I wrote about buying this lot?  Apparently, the life of living on that lot as visioned by readers is very enticing.  But that same life for me is filled with dread!  Wow!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


7AM - Heading to Queretaro
This morning MsTioga and The Team are heading to the City of Queretaro where there is a Home Depot. We are looking to buy a replacement kitchen sink faucet. We wrote to yesterday about the problems we have been having with this leaking faucet.

Some readers have wondered whether we would cease to be Vagabonders-Supreme now that we are buying land in Tequisquiapan. Well, we are not tied to this land. We can come and go as we please. However, the new land gives us a place to call home.

I should mention that the land does not feel like home yet. That feeling should come some time in the future.

9:30AM - Close!
Our Garmin Nuvi does not locate Home Depot in Queretaro. However, the Garmin does locate CostCo! We figured that CostCo is not too far away from Home Depot. On arriving at CostCo, Mr. Datastorm went up and found that Home Depot is pretty close!

While we are here at CostCo, I am going to treat myself to one of their famous hot dogs!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Leaking faucet

9AM - Leaking faucet
Did I tell you about MsTioga's leaking kitchen sink faucet?  The leak was first noticed when we were still in Aticama.  Our friend Fred who built the duplexes on Matanchen beach phoned his plumber to fix the leak.  However, the plumber could not fix it.  The plumber agreed to buy a new replacement faucet to install.  But he never returned!

When we arrived in Tequisquiapan, Jimena phoned her plumber whose name is Cruz.  However, Cruz could not find a new faucet and did not return either!  Last nite we noticed that the Formica around the kitchen sink had delaminated because of being wet for so long.  We are now turning off the water pump to keep water from leaking.

It seems as though I will have to shop for a replacement kitchen faucet in order to stop this leak.  There is a Home Depot in the City of Queretaro.  We plan to go there tomorrow.

10AM - Lot pic
This morning Little Mavicita climbed up a ladder to look at our lot from Pete and Jimena's wall.  She wanted you to get a better idea of what our lot looks like.

This pic only shows about 60% of our lot.  The other 40% is behind the wall of cactus on the right side of the image.
Lot view from Pete & Jimena's yard

Note: Click [here] to read Pete Schuster's story about retiring in the City of Tequisquiapan.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


7AM - Gravel
After the lot was cleared of brush, the ground was very dusty.  Even a little wind stirred up the dusty ground and blew the dust around.  When I walked around outside, my shoes got dusty and I tracked that dusty sand back into MsTioga.

It was decided to buy a couple of loads of gravel.  Armando, the same fellow who cleared the lot, also sold gravel!   Pete, who is very experienced with construction, suggested that two loads of gravel would do the job.  Early yesterday morning two loads of gravel were delivered to our lot!  Cost: 2,000 pesos [$170US].

When the dump truck delivered the gravel, the driver spread the stones as best he could by driving forward as the stones dumped out on to the ground.  However, several tons of stone gravel remained to be spread out.  I worked for about an hour spreading the gravel.  But soon, I became exhausted!  That was when Francisco, one of my neighbors, walked up and introduced himself.  Francisco offered to do the work, and I was soooooooo happy that he did!

Francisco worked four hours.  As you may see in the pic below, all of the gravel is spread out nicely! The price that Francisco and I agreed on, was 30 pesos per hour [$2.55US]. This is the going price for construction labor in this area.
MsTioga camped on our gravel

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camping place

8AM - Camping place
After the land was cleared yesterday, it opened up a lot of area for MsTioga to make her Camp. In the pic below MsTioga is now parked about 50 feet deeper into our lot.
MsTioga camped on cleared land

Google Map Location
When you are using our "Google Map Location" link to locate our lot, you must find the "green" arrow. The "red" arrow points at the nearest highway to our lot.

Back the map off by clicking on the "-" link on the left side of the map. After the "-" link is clicked two times, you should be able to see our "green" arrow location.

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