Friday, March 18, 2011

Clearing land

10AM - Clearing the land
This morning Jimena phoned for Armando the dump truck guy to come over tomorrow to clear my land.  Armando told that he could do the clearing today.  So, the machine that you see in the pic below arrived in only a few minutes.  We want the weeds and debris to be cleaned up and the ground leveled as much a possible in order to get a better idea of the possibilities of this land.

Although I have not completed the purchase of the land, I am doing this work now anyway.  My friend Richard who is selling the land to me, is not concerned that I am doing some land work now before the purchase is completed.

By 12 noon, the land clearing that I wanted to be done was complete.  Now a dump truck arrived to remove all of the debris from the clearing work.
Machine clears my land

Clear sky