Friday, March 25, 2011


7AM - Concerned about myself!
I am concerned about myself. I am not behaving right. It takes me a long time to make decisions, or better said, actually doing things that I decided to do takes forever.  Fixing the kitchen faucet, for example.  That repair job has been hanging-fire for over a month!  A few days ago I bought the replacement faucet.  Now all that needs to be done is to get a plumber to install the darned thing!  I've got to get that faucet installed today!

Another thing that got stalled, was the filing of my 1040 tax return.  I finished the 1040 weeks ago.  Now it needs to get sent to the IRS in Fresno, California.  Finally yesterday afternoon, I went to the post office here in Tequisquiapan, and sent my 1040 by registered mail.  It's about three weeks to the tax filing deadline, so the IRS should receive my 1040 on time.

It has occurred to me that I may be in some kind of depression.  What ever the problem is, I sure do NOT like having it!

9AM - Cruz the plumber
Right after I made the 7am post to you, I felt sooooooo much better. I drove over to Pete and Jimena's home and told Pete about wanting to see Cruz the plumber. And guess what happened? Cruz phoned us up! It was a miracle!

I made an appointment to meet Cruz near his home. In about an hour, Cruz and his brother, working together, installed the new kitchen faucet.
Cruz drilling faucet line holes

Our new faucet

Clear sky